LOOK: Twitter thinks Baker Mayfield is the Karate Kid at his Oklahoma Pro Day

A week after we were treated (is that the right word?) to an extended trailer for the upcoming "Karate Kid" YouTube series that, yes, actually exists, Twitter is trying to figure out whether Baker Mayfield is the Karate Kid.

Everyone's favorite flag-planting, crotch-grabbing college quarterback, a consensus first-round prospect for April's 2018 NFL Draft, drew league-wide looks at the University of Oklahoma Pro Day on Wednesday. But he didn't warrant attention just because his hands are smaller than Russell Wilson's or because he's, you know, the guy the Miami Dolphins believe can save their franchise (as if).

He also sparked conversation because he's ... Daniel LaRusso?

As Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples documented, Mayfield took the pro day field wearing none other than a karate headband, complete with a knot at the back and cloth hanging down the back of his neck.

Did Twitter let this moment pass by without commentary? Of course it didn't. (Especially with "Cobra Kai" fresh in the mind.)

Congrats to Joel Heyman for nailing this four months in advance.

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