Senior Bowl 2018: Winners and losers from Tuesday's weigh-in at Mobile

Senior Bowl festivities kicked off early Tuesday morning with the perpetually awkward weigh-in session in which all participants walk across a large stage and get measured in front of hundreds of team employees and media members. 

And while draft-stock fluctuation will mostly occur during the week of practices and the game on Saturday, there were some winners and losers from the Mobile weigh-in, as the physical measurements remain an important part of the pre-draft process.

Heights are listed in "6023" form, with the last number representing eighths of an inch. So, 6023 would be 6-foot-2 and 3/8 of an inch. 


Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA 

Weigh-in: 6057 / 259 / 34" arms 

Some believed Davenport's listed size at 6-foot-7 and 255 pounds was slightly exaggerated. Turns out, it wasn't stretched that much. Combine his nearly 6-6 frame with long, 34-inch arms and you have one enormous defensive end. 

Perspective: Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter measured in at 6051 and 251 pounds with 34 1/2-inch arms at the 2015 combine.

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB, Oklahoma

Weigh-in: 6013 / 243 / 34 1/2" arms 

For an "undersized" outside rusher, Okoronkwo measuring in at over 6-1 and north of 240 pounds is important. For many teams, those are the thresholds for edge-rushers. Beyond that, Okoronkwo's 34 1/2-inch arms are tentacle-like. Relatively speaking, the Oklahoma star is still on the smaller side of the outside pass-rusher spectrum, but his length can be likened to other, much bigger NFL pass-rushers. 

Perspective: At last year's combine, Cardinals' first-round pick Haason Reddick measured in at 6012 and 237 pounds but only had 32 3/4-inch arms.

Uchenna Nwosu, OLB, USC 

Weigh-in: 6020 / 245 / 33 1/2" arms

Nwosu is the other "smaller but productive" outside linebacker in this class with fringe first-round talent and collegiate film. For him to hit 6-2 and 245 pounds is a huge win for him. His 33 1/2-inch arms mean he has enough length to keep offensive linemen off his frame. 

Perspective: Von Miller's official size at the combine was 6025 and 245 pounds with 33 1/2-inch arms. 

Levi Wallace, CB, Alabama

Weigh-in: 6003 / 176 / 33 3/8" arms

Ok, so Wallace could stand to gain some weight at the next level. And he will. That won't be a problem for an NFL strength and conditioning program. But those arms will be tantalizing to many scouts, general managers, and defensive coordinators. Length at the cornerback spot is often seen as the catalyst for plays on the football. Wallace snagged three picks and knocked down 15 passes in 2017. 

Perspective: Jaguars star cornerback Jalen Ramsey has 33 3/8-inch arms.

Joseph Noteboom, OT, TCU

Weigh-in: 6051 / 306 / 35 1/2" arms

In general, 34-inch arms represent the threshold for NFL offensive tackles. For Noteboom, an established pass-protector to hit 6-5 and have arms longer than 35 inches is really impressive. 

Perspective: Patriots left tackle Nate Solder has 35 1/2-inch arms. 

Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

Weigh-in: 6047 / 237 / 10 1/8" hands

Everyone was expecting Allen to stand out among the other quarterback prospects, and he did to a certain degree. Being nearly 6-5 and almost 240 pounds represents the "he looks like an NFL signal-caller" portion of scouting reports written about him. Hand size is a hotly debated topic during draft season, and while smaller hands don't totally disqualify a quarterback prospect from succeeding at the NFL, teams would rather have a quarterback who has large mitts for ball-security purposes.

Perspective: Carson Wentz has nearly the same size hands at 10 inches. 


James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State

Weigh-in: 5107 / 210 / 34" arms / 9 5/8" hands

Washington's weight and especially his arm length would push him into the "winners" subheading. But there was plenty of negative buzz about him not even hitting 5-11 despite being listed at 6-0 during his illustrious career at Oklahoma State

Perspective: Washington's weigh-in figures are nearly identically to 49ers wideout Pierre Garcon, who was 5117 and 210 pounds at the 2008 combine. However, he had just 31 1/8-inch arms.

Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

Weigh-in: 5097 / 188 

Wadley is a quick-twitch scat back, so he wasn't expected to hit the 200-pound mark. But at nearly 5-10 and under 190 is relatively small even for a change-of-pace speedster. 

Perspective: Only 16 running backs who've participated at the combine since 1999 have weighed less than 188 pounds.

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