Former Ole Miss player D.K. Metcalf is one of the top prospects heading into this year's NFL Draft, and although he's listed as a receiver, you'd probably never guess that if you saw him in person. That's because Metcalf is ripped. 

A photo of Metcalf working out with some of his fellow draft prospects was posted to Twitter on Monday, and let's just say that no one on Twitter was prepared for what they were about to see. First, here is what Metcalf looks like standing next to a 6-foot-1, 225-pound individual. 

If you're thinking that Metcalf looks like he could serve a the stunt double for Thanos in the next Avengers movie, then you are correct. 

Of course, I'm not the only one with jokes. Twitter had plenty of them after seeing Metcalf's photo. 

That seems accurate. 

This also seems accurate. 

If playing wide receiver doesn't work out, he does seem built to play pretty much any other position -- well, except for kicker. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, and there's no way he's as ripped as Aaron Donald, right? Wrong. 

Metcalf is going to crush corners. 

By the way, this is what happens when Metcalf decides to block you. 

That's painful. 

OK, let's get to more tweets.  

There was even a timely Antonio Brown joke. 

Speaking of Brown and the Steelers, that's one potential landing spot for Metcalf, who's headed to the NFL after forgoing his final two years of college. 

Although Metcalf is built like a defensive end, he's definitely a receiver. Not only that, but he's a receiver who's projected to be taken at some point during the first round of the NFL Draft. In his final season at Ole Miss, Metcalf caught 26 passes for 569 yards during a year that got cut short due to a neck injury he suffered in October. 

Of the five mock drafts we currently have up at, three of our writers are projecting Metcalf to go in the first round, and one of those writers -- Ryan Wilson -- is even projecting him to go to the Steelers with the 20th overall pick.To see where the other two writers are projecting Metcalf, be sure to click here and check out their mock drafts

Finally, here's a look at the entire picture of Metcalf and his workout crew. I'm guessing you'll be able to figure out pretty quickly which one is Metcalf. 

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