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2014 NFL Draft order: Texans pick first, Rams second, Jaguars third

2014 NFL Draft order: Texans pick first, Rams second, Jaguars third

By Dane Brugler | NFLDraftScout.com Senior Analyst

Joe Flacco (USATSI)
Teddy Bridgewater could be the first player chosen in the 2014 draft. (USATSI)

The top-20 order for the 2014 NFL Draft is now set with the regular season complete. The Houston Texans will pick No. 1 overall for the third time in franchise history.

Below is the order with the strength of schedule (SOS) numbers to indicate the tiebreaker. For the NFL Draft, the first tiebreaker rule is SOS, the easier SOS earning the earlier selection. Division and Conference tiebreakers are next and if teams are still tied, a coin flip will determine the team that picks first (** Indicates a coin flip to break ties).

The order of picks 21-32 will be based on the outcome of the playoffs. Updated first-round mock drafts can be found here.

1Houston Texans214 0.559
2St. Louis Rams (WAS)313 0.516
3Jacksonville Jaguars412 0.504
4Cleveland Browns412 0.516
5Oakland Raiders412 0.523
6Atlanta Falcons412 0.553
7Tampa Bay Buccaneers412 0.574
8Minnesota Vikings51010.512
9Buffalo Bills610 0.520
10Detroit Lions79 0.457
11Tennessee Titans79 0.504
12New York Giants79 0.520
13St. Louis Rams79 0.551
14Chicago Bears88 0.465
15Pittsburgh Steelers88 0.469
16Baltimore Ravens**88 0.484
17Dallas Cowboys**88 0.484
18New York Jets88 0.488
19Miami Dolphins88 0.523
20Arizona Cardinals106 0.516
21Green Bay Packers8710.453
22San Diego Chargers97 0.496
23Philadelphia Eagles106 0.453
24Kansas City Chiefs115 0.445
25Cincinnati Bengals115 0.480
26Cleveland Browns (IND)115 0.484
27New Orleans Saints115 0.516
28New England Patriots124 0.473
29San Francisco 49ers124 0.494
30Carolina Panthers124 0.494
31Denver Broncos133 0.469
32Seattle Seahawks133 0.490
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