The NFL owners meetings will begin Monday morning in Phoenix. Each year at this time there are a bunch of potential rules proposals sent out by the NFL.

Some of these will happen, while some will not. (That's my fire-emoji filled take. Scorching I know.) Here's 14 things you need to know about potential changes to the game you so dearly love that could come out of next week. 

1. No more red flags: The Patriots proposed a rule to eliminate coaches throwing challenge flags. GEE, I WONDER WHY?

Just kidding. Instead of a challenge flag, the coach simply will call a timeout. If the challenge is upheld, the team gets a timeout back. Here's the real important part: coaches can't stop the game without a timeout any longer. No timeout? No challenge and you're penalized 15 yards.

The Redskins submitted a proposal to eliminate the need for two successful challenges to gain a third challenge. 

2. Expanded replay: The Lions submitted a proposal to make "all fouls identified by a game official" reviewable while the Titans and Redskins submitted a proposal to make "any personal foul penalty" reviewable. 

Basically the goal is to make pass interference, hits on defenseless receivers, roughing the passer and roughing the kicker -- among other actions -- reviewable. 

The Redskins also submitted a proposal to make "any penalty which automatically results in a first down" reviewable while the Titans submitted a proposal to make "the identification and enforcement of a foul for an illegal hit against a defenseless receiver when the onfield ruling is reversed from a catch/fumble to an incomplete pass."

Two wild and crazy guys. (USATSI)

The Chiefs submitted a proposal to make ALL scoring plays which are reversed on the field reviewable. (Example: a player catches a touchdown pass but it's ruled an incomplete pass on the field; under this proposal the officials would review it.)

The Titans submitted a proposal to expand review of the game clock in order to fix timing errors. Chicago did something similar with the play clock before the ball is snapped. 

The Titans submitted a proposal to make television network feeds and any stadium-produced video available for use in replay. 

3. Cameras: New England once again submitted a proposal for fixed cameras on the side lines, end lines and goal lines.

Please make this happen, NFL. It's too obvious.

4. Extra Points: The Patriots once again want extra points kicked from the 15-yard line. DO IT. DOOOOOO IT. But seriously, make it harder and make going for two more enticing. 

5. BONUS FIELD GOALS: No, seriously. The Colts proposed adding an additional field goal if you successfully convert a two-point conversion. Under their proposal, a successful two-point conversion would give a team an attempt from the 32-yard line (a 50-yard attempt) for one extra point. 

Real-life rock n' jock y'all.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here?

6. Punt Formations: The Ravens submitted a proposal to limit the number of people who can line up on either side of the snapper during punts. The point is to keep people from pushing one another into the offensive formation. Boring but expect it to pass; it's already in play on field goals. 

7. Overtime: The Bears proposed a rule that will guarantee both teams get a possession in overtime. Ironic Chicago proposed because, you know, Jermaine Kearse.

8. Defenseless Receivers After an Interception: The Competition Committee proposed a rule making a player who the pass was intended for still defenseless immediately following an interception. Basically a wideout or running back can't get lit up as soon as the other team possesses the ball. 

9. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. taunting) at the end of a half will be enforced on the ensuing kickoff. 

10. Blocking: The Dolphins proposed a rule to expand peel-back blocks and the Competition Committee proposed a rule reducing what is a legal chop block. 

11. Numbers: The Competition Committee expanded legal linebacker numbers to include 40-49. 

12. Belichick Substitutions: The Competition Committee proposed a rule making it illegal for "an offensive player with an eligible number to report as ineligible and line up outside the core formation." You'll recall the Ravens did not like what the Patriots were up to last year.

Belichick also used this in the Super Bowl but to no real effect.

13. Open the Roof: This is a by-law, not a rule, but the Colts proposed a rule allowing NFL teams to open retractable roofs at HALFTIME of games. There's all kinds of contingencies (weather) in place here of course.

14. Calvin Johnson Rule: This will NOT be changed. Rich McKay of the Falcons said on the Competition Committee conference call they won't propose a rule change but will look at potentially tweaking the language for what is a catch and what is not a catch.