2013 NFL Week 4 Survivor Pool Picks: March on in

Another week, another advancing in survivor. Naturally I'm not actually in a survivor pool this year so I won't win anything when I get to Week 15 unscathed. Fortunately for you, there's still hope of collecting untaxable dollars. Errrrr, anyway.

For those that are new: each Thursday night, myself and Pete Prisco will make survivor picks to help you guys plan for the week. I'll break those down here in advance of Sunday. We'll feature our top-five options, who we're picking, my sleeper pick and my trap-game pick. Pregame Live leads up to Thursday night's game so you can get the picks then if you want (7:30 p.m. ET) or you can tweet me @WillBrinson if you're worried about getting a pick in before Thursday.

Our path so far? Colts- Chicago Bears - Seattle Seahawks . Nothing too cute, we've picked strong favorites and are barely squeaking by. Last week was easy. Now we face a major crossroads. Do we take the top favorite Denver Broncos against the Philadelphia Eagles or do we dare to be a little riskier and save Denver for Jacksonville in two weeks.

Ignore all the "don't take a road team" garbage and remember the No. 1 axiom of survivor pools: you can't pick someone next week at all if you're eliminated. If you're on the fence about one of these teams, just use the Broncos. You can figure something out (like taking the Houston Texans against the hapless St. Louis Rams in Week 6).

I'm going to skip Denver this weekend and save them, but only because I'm confident in the a different team.

1. Denver Broncos: The Eagles secondary is a dumpster fire and Peyton Manning is playing as well as any quarterback, like, ever, right now. He could legitimately throw for another seven touchdowns against Philadelphia ... if they can run their offense successfully. Survivor players hope he doesn't need to and that Denver rolls 40-15. That could very well be the case.

2. New Orleans Saints : Watch the video above and Pete and Dave Richard treat me like I'm a leper for taking New Orleans. I know the Miami Dolphins are undefeated. I like the Dolphins. But New Orleans is the best team in football no one's talking about (enough). And this is Drew Brees , at home, in prime time. Brees is 25-9 at home over the last five years, and the Brees/Sean Payton combo is 21-5 over the last five years (discounting 2012's nightmare, obviously). Miami is about to get a lesson.

3. Kansas City Chiefs Like I said in my Week 4 NFL Picks column, if the New York Giants were a different 0-3 team we wouldn't give them the same level of respect that we do now. With Justin Houston , Tamba Hali and Dontari Poe rushing him, Eli Manning should probably be scared for his life.

4. Indianapolis Colts The ultimate trap game with the Colts coming off a huge road win against the San Francisco 49ers and then traveling all the way to the east coast for an "easy" divisional matchup. It would be stunning -- but in a way it wouldn't be stunning -- if the Jacksonville Jaguars won. Betting against the Jags each week is a good way to survive but be wary of the road chalk in survivor.

5. Oakland Raiders A real roll of the dice here that I don't even like and I'm OK with losing if it happens. The Washington Redskins are terrible and you won't have a shot at using the Raiders again. I definitely made this pick before Terrelle Pryor got hurt and now I've got to stick with it. Sigh.

SurvivorWeek 3 PickAnalysis
What's the deal with the Saints hate? I think New Orleans rolls on Monday night. The bonus? You get to spend all weekend laughing at the upsets that are happening. Big game in prime time for Drew Brees.
"I'm a dice roller right now," Pete Prisco said before everyone went "WOOOOOOOAH" in the video above.
Dave is NUTS right? Maybe not. The Minnesota Vikings are terrible and the Pittsburgh Steelers are desperate.
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