2013 Super Bowl Odds, Week 6: Playoff dark horses emerging?

Every time we look at the 2013 Super Bowl Odds, there are a few teams that take big week-to-week swings. That'll ease up as we get deeper in the season. But for now, we're going to keep spotting a few teams that make big jumps.

For instance, a group of playoff dark-horse teams includes the Colts, Dolphins, Vikings, Seahawks and Rams. I know that including those teams appears crazy. But check out the playoff race we keep at CBS -- Minny's the two seed in the NFC, and the other four teams are just barely on the outside looking in.

This explains why the odds for each team moved dramatically. The Colts (150-1) had a huge win against the Packers, but Vegas isn't buying in completely. The Dolphins (100-1) were a whopping 300-1 last week -- looks like someone else realized they could very well be 4-1 right now. The Seahawks (50-1) were already making a little noise on the odds front, but winning on the road at Carolina helped boost their stock. And don't look now, but at 3-2, the Rams (125-1) are right there in the NFC West, too. It probably doesn't hurt seeing the Cardinals (50-1, a big drop) potentially start to nosedive a bit.

It's interesting that the Falcons appear to have topped out at 7-1 -- they're undefeated but not moving up quite like the Texans (4-1) each week. This might have something to do with two straight wins that weren't exactly blowouts.

The Panthers (250-1) are plummeting, but they don't have anything on their fellow preseason playoff sleeper Bills (200-1), who fell off the face of the Earth after getting embarrassed in San Francisco.

There are plenty of folks still backing the Packers (15-1). If you feel the same way, now's as good a time as it gets to invest in Green Bay. A win against Houston this week would crank their stock back up, although a loss to the Texans would make them even a better value, technically speaking.

Oh, and speaking of backing the Packers, here's our current expert picks:

Clark Judge: Texans vs. Packers -- I took Green Bay and Houston, and it's going to take a lot more than five weeks to dissuade me. Granted, the Packers' pass defense concerns me, but they have time to work things out. Remember, the last two Super Bowl champions -- one of which was Green Bay -- didn't make the playoffs until the last weekend. So I can afford to wait.

Pete Prisco: Patriots vs. Falcons -- I know New England lost twice, but they fixed a bunch of those problems. That offense is the best right now. Matt Ryan looks so comfortable in the Falcons' up-tempo style. The defense is pretty good as well.

Mike Freeman: Ravens vs. Packers -- Joe Flacco and the defense are doing just enough to win for Baltimore. They'll also keep getting better as the season goes along. I'm still a believer in the Packers. There is plenty of time for Aaron Rodgers to turn the season around.

Will Brinson: Texans vs. Falcons -- Have I mentioned I picked these teams before the season? Because they're a combined 10-0 right now. Losing Brian Cushing obviously hurts Houston, but they've still got plenty of balance and a cake division. The Falcons keep winning in different ways and in different places. It's quite impressive.

Josh Katzowitz: Texans vs. Falcons -- The Texans took the Jets' best shot -- which, really, might not be saying much -- and won yet again to go to 5-0. That's unprecedented with the this franchise; just like a Super Bowl appearance would be. The way Matt Ryan is playing these days, he'll be the next elite quarterback to lead his team to a conference title. He's been awesome, just like his team.

Team Week 5  Odds
Week 6  Odds
Team Week 5  Odds
Week 6 Odds
9-2 4-1 Seahawks
66-1 50-1
11-2 5-1 Bengals
50-1 75-1
7-1 11-2 Lions
100-1 100-1 N/A
7-1 7-1 N/A Dolphins
300-1 100-1
17-2 9-1 Rams
200-1  125-1
15-1 12-1 Colts
200-1  150-1
17-2 15-1 Jets
100-1  150-1
22-1 18-1 Redskins
75-1  150-1
25-1 20-1 Bills
50-1  200-1
20-1 25-1 Panthers
 150-1  250-1
22-1 28-1 Chiefs
 250-1  250-1 N/A
25-1 28-1 Raiders
 250-1  250-1 N/A
 35-1 40-1 Buccaneers
200-1  250-1
 50-1 40-1 Titans
300-1  500-1
 25-1  50-1 Jaguars
500-1  750-1
 100-1  50-1 Browns
1,000-1 1,000-1 N/A
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