2014 NFL Draft, 1st round: 10 things to know

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This draft surpassed last year's version in terms of excitement in the first 30 minutes. And thank god. In case you missed it -- or just want to relive the drama -- here are 10 takeaways from Thursday's festivities.

1. The Houston Texans took an extra two weeks -- and their full 10 minutes on the clock -- to select defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and the St. Louis Rams solidified their offensive line with tackle Greg Robinson a pick later.

While Robinson going to St. Louis wasn't a surprise, it's a testament to just how well general manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher have worked the draft in recent years. Yes, much of the credit should go to former Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan but, hey, to the victor go the spoils, right?

Anyway, behold:

Sweet baby Jesus.

Look, we were on board with the Redskins trading up for Robert Griffin III two years ago, but clearly that strategy cost some people their jobs. And, honestly, RG3 would've had to play like equal parts Brady, Manning and Brees to make the deal even close to comparable.

Even when the Redskins didn't have a first-round pick, they managed to make draft-related news.

2. After Clowney and Robinson went off the board, the Jacksonville Jaguars pulled the first big "Wait, what?!" moment when they selected UCF quarterback Blake Bortles.

Most of the pre-draft chatter had Jacksonville eyeballing Johnny Manziel, who spent the first two and a half hours of Thursday night in the Aaron Rodgers Memorial Green Room. (Hey, things worked out okay for A-Rodge.) Of course, in 2007, two years after Rodgers waited for hours for the Green Bay Packers to put him out of his misery, Brady Quinn found himself holed up in the green room. And, yeah, and that didn't work out nearly as well. Which reminds us:

(But we're sure this time will be different.)

Now the question becomes whether Bortles will be a legit NFL quarterback, or the next Blaine Gabbert .

Either way, Jags coach Gus Bradley was predictably excited about landing Bortles, though we refuse to believe that he was this excited.

3. The Browns were all over the draft board Thursday, first trading down from No. 4 to No. 9, then moving up to No. 8 to grab Justin Gilbert, and then moving up from No. 26 to No. 22 to draft Johnny Manziel.

But according to FOXSports.com's Jay Glazer, the Browns also wanted wide receiver Brandin Cooks, but once the New Orleans Saints traded up to take him, they made the move for Johnny Football.

In theory, Manziel is a huge get for Cleveland, even if the pre-draft scuttlebutt was that new general manager Ray Farmer really liked Teddy Bridgewater. Except ... these are the Browns we're talking about (see the Quinn and Weeden tweet above).

Upside: If the bar were any lower it would be buried underground.

4. We think it's fair to wonder if the Buffalo Bills gave up too much to draft wide receiver Sammy Watkins fourth overall, but second-year quarterback EJ Manuel seemed pleasantly surprised by the development.

In one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in decades, it's fair to wonder if the Bills should have stayed put and addressed other needs. But it did result in this:

5. Well, this is awkward:

6. So after Bucs coach Lovie Smith spent the last few months talking up Josh McCown as the team's starting quarterback, moments after the team drafted wideout Mike Evans, Smith offered up this:

Make of this what you will.

7. When the New York Giants took wide receiver Odell Beckham 12th overall, and the Chicago Bears took cornerback Kyle Fuller two picks later, the Pittsburgh Steelers went outside the box with their selection at No. 15: Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, who is 6-1, 237 pounds and -- on paper, anyway -- decidedly undersized for the position. But the Steelers will move him to inside linebacker next to Lawrence Timmons , where they had hoped Sean Spence , the team's 2012 third-round pick would play (he suffered a debilitating knee injury in the final preseason game of his rookie year).

Some people will remain skeptical of the pick but keep this in mind: Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is an Ohio State alum, and he could have plans to use Shazier in much the same way the team used Troy Polamalu last season. It makes for intriguing possibilities for a unit that had to get younger.

8. When did Jerry get so boring?

Those players all fill obvious needs and none go by Johnny Football.

9. Well, Teddy Bridgewater did get drafted in the first round after all. The Minnesota Vikings had to trade up to 32 to do it, a recurring theme with them in recent years.

And we'll find out quickly if Bridgewater can be the face of the franchise.

(Seriously, we can't believe this was ever an issue; he completed a staggering 71 percent of his passes last season at Louisville, then didn't wear gloves at his pro day, and suddenly he's a right-handed Tim Tebow. Yes, please, let's move the draft back further into May.)

10. Remember all the talk about how there could be a huge run on wideouts in Round 1? Turns out, that run was on defensive backs.

Also: Louisville!

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