2014 Super Bowl Odds: Are Seahawks NFL's best team?

It's the question everyone wants an answer to: are the Seahawks the best team in the NFL? They sure looked like it on Monday night (and on Tuesday we tried to answer that question on CBS Sports Network's ROME, which you can see above).

Vegas certainly thinks so, moving the Seahawks (5-2) up from 3-1 after their Monday night beatdown against the Saints (10-1), who fell a few spots from last week.

It's a hard stance to disagree with. Seattle looks great on both sides of the ball right now, despite losing Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond to suspensions. They shut down the vaunted New Orleans offense and Russell Wilson orchestrated a slew of impressive scoring drives.

The only argument against the Seahawks at this point, really, is that they've got a tougher slate of playoff opponents ahead of them if they want to move to New York for the Super Bowl.

On the other hand they appear to thrive in bad weather and are basically locked into homefield advantage at this point. Betting against them is a difficult move to make.

Notable Movements

  • The Panthers (10-1) somewhat surprisingly stood still -- a win over New Orleans would send them skyrocketing but Vegas may be worried that doesn't happen.
  • Add the Browns, Raiders and Redskins to the list of teams that are OFF. Yes, this post gets much easier later in the year. Thank you for asking.
  • The Lions (25-1) keep looking good but the lack of impressive play (and wins) from the Bears (75-1) and Packers (75-1) is what keeps pushing Detroit up. They're getting too expensive to buy.
  • The Cowboys (33-1) and Eagles (33-1) remain an NFC East toss-up. It's pretty blatant the Week 17 winner of that game is going to the postseason.
  • The Ravens (50-1) are an interesting buy at this point. They're the current No. 6 seed in the AFC so they've got the pole position for a playoff spot, but they also have a tough schedule. If we hadn't seen them randomly get really hot last year it would be a tougher sell. 
Team Week 13  Odds
Week 14  Odds
Team Week 13  Odds
Week 14 Odds
Seahawks 3-1 5-2 Cardinals
50-1 100-1
Broncos 7-2 7-2 Dolphins
150-1 100-1
Patriots 7-1 13-2 Steelers
50-1 125-1
49ers 10-1 9-1 Chargers
75-1 125-1
Panthers 10-1 10-1 Titans
100-1 250-1
Saints 13-2 10-1 Jets
250-1 500-1
Bengals 22-1 20-1 Bills
500-1 750-1
Lions 40-1 25-1 Rams
350-1 750-1
Colts 28-1 28-1 Browns
400-1 OFF
Cowboys 33-1 33-1 Redskins
300-1 OFF
Chiefs 25-1 33-1 Raiders
Eagles 40-1 33-1

Ravens 66-1 50-1 Falcons
Bears 66-1 75-1 Vikings
Packers 40-1 75-1 Buccaneers
Giants 100-1 75-1 Jaguars
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