2014 Super Bowl Odds: Eagles fly high after Monday night

Chip Kelly's new offense has everyone up in arms.
Chip Kelly's new offense has everyone up in arms. (USATSI)

It wasn't that long ago the Eagles had really good Super Bowl odds. 2011 feels like an eternity in Philadelphia sports years but it wasn't that long ago all things considered. Folks cooled on the Eagles to the point that they were heavily discounted coming into 2013 despite the presence of Chip Kelly at the helm and the possibility of what his offense could do. No more.

The Eagles (28-1) soared up into the top half of the league's 2014 Super Bowl Odds this week, climbing from 50-1. It's hard to blame the books for this move. Kelly's crew ran 53 plays in the first half against Washington on Monday night, they might end up having the NFL's leading rusher in LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick looks incredibly comfortable at such an artery-squeezing pace.

Plus there's this: the NFC East looks wide open. The Eagles defense is what scared me away from putting Philly higher in the division before the season began and maybe Kelly's tenure, like his debut, ends up looking like other college-to-the-pros predecessors. I doubt it will but it wouldn't be shocking to Philadelphia struggle at some point this year because of injuries to Vick and other offensive players who are working at Kelly's break-neck speed. 

Having said that, the Eagles have the Chargers (100-1) in Week 2 and the Chiefs in Week 3. 3-0 isn't impossible, right? We'd be back to Dream Team-level odds if that goes down. If you're interested in investing now would probably be a better time than later.

Notable Movement: I haven't been doing these odds for 30 years or anything but the Steelers falling into the second column (a.k.a. the bad teams) before Week 2 is even played is downright stunning. Sure they looked like a four-win team on Sunday while losing to the Titans. But still, this is a team that a lot of people projected to the playoffs. Some people even picked them to win the Super Bowl! 50-1 is a pretty good investment for a team this popular with a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger.

Same goes for the Redskins, I guess. They're popular, they have Robert Griffin III and if/when they start winning again they won't be this cheap. But remember: they started 3-6 last year.

The Chargers drop was precipitous but have no clue why this team was 50-1 before the season started. They're clearly better than I expected but that's too pricey for a team lacking talent.

Are the Titans that horrible an investment at 100-1? I don't like this team that much and obviously 150-1 is a preferable price but Gregg Williams really has that defense working. If Chris Johnson can get going and Jake Locker can manage some games maybe they're not such a terrible gamble. They're probably not winning the Super Bowl, of course, but weirder things have happened and that division isn't great.

The Saints and Falcons flip-flopping probably makes sense. Not that much has changed between the two teams but clearly one has a bigger advantage at winning the division right now.

Are the Ravens really down to 33-1? That seems like too nice a price given that the whole division is winless.

The Lions impressive offensive output explains the big jump for them.

Last chance to buy on the Rams.

Team Week 1 Odds

Week 2 Odds


Week 1 Odds

Week 2 Odds
Broncos 6-1 11-2 Chiefs
50-1 40-1
49ers 6-1 6-1 Dolphins
 40-1 40-1
17-2 8-1 Rams
 50-1 40-1
10-1 10-1 Redskins
 33-1 50-1
16-1 12-1 Steelers
 28-1 50-1
12-1 14-1 Panthers
 66-1 66-1
18-1 16-1 Vikings
40-1 66-1
12-1  18-1 Buccaneers
50-1 66-1
25-1  22-1 Jets
125-1 100-1
25-1  22-1 Chargers
50-1 100-1
 25-1  22-1 Titans
150-1 100-1
 50-1  28-1 Bills
150-1 125-1
 28-1  33-1 Cardinals
125-1 150-1
 40-1  33-1 Browns
150-1 150-1
 25-1  33-1 Raiders
250-1 300-1
 40-1  40-1 Jaguars
300-1 500-1

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