2014 Super Bowl Odds: Falcons dropping like a wounded duck

There's no need to cover the Falcons demise in any great detail here. That was taken care of with Wednesday's edition of NFL Stock Watch. They're in big trouble both in the long- and short-term.

Obviously 2014 is a correctable issue. 2013? Nah. The Falcons (66-1) are likely dead-birds flying what with Julio Jones likely to miss the entire season and Roddy White knocked out for a few games as well. The folks at Bovada.lv recognize that and, as such, are pushing the Dirty Birds way down the list of Super Bowl favorites.

They don't deserve to be any higher though. And frankly I'm a little surprised Atlanta isn't lower. Some books have the Falcons as low as 80-1 after their loss to the Jets (75-1) and the news of Jones injury emerged.

Want a neat summary of it all? Five weeks into 2013 the Falcons and Browns have the same Super Bowl odds.

Notable Movements
-- We should also praise the aforementioned Browns, of course. After winning their third-straight game, Cleveland's in position to make something of a run in the AFC North. The Ravens still look better but these Browns are scrappy.

-- All the Saints (13-2) value is just about gone. Vegas figured out they're one of the two or three best teams in football right now. Would you take the Seahawks (11-2) over New Orleans and Drew Brees right now? It would probably come down to homefield advantage for me.

-- The Colts (18-1) are skyrocketing up the board. Wins against two best teams in the NFC West in convincing and/or impressive fashion will certainly do that for you.

-- Check out the teams the Dolphins (66-1) are grouped with. The Eagles (66-1) and Redskins (66-1) are both square, along with the Browns and Falcons. That says something about their division (although Miami's ahead of the Jets, oddly) and also their offensive line, which should be a major cause for concern. Miami clearly has the best record of all those teams but red flags, etc.

-- Jeff Tuel time might be fun for headlines and Internet puns but it's no good for the Bills and Vegas knows it. Look at them drop to the third-worst odds on the heels of losing EJ Manuel for a few weeks. Any time Thad Lewis is prominently involved it's not a good thing.

Team Week 5  Odds
Week 6  Odds
Team Week 5  Odds
Week 6 Odds
Broncos 5-2 5-2 Dolphins
50-1 66-1
Seahawks 9-2 11-2 Eagles
100-1 66-1
Saints 9-1 13-2 Redskins
100-1 66-1
49ers 12-1 9-1 Jets
150-1 75-1
Packers 14-1 12-1 Cardinals
100-1 100-1
Patriots 9-1 12-1 Chargers
66-1 100-1
Colts 28-1 18-1 Titans
66-1 100-1
Bengals 28-1 20-1 Panthers
66-1 150-1
Chiefs 25-1 20-1 Vikings
150-1 150-1
Ravens 33-1 33-1 Giants
150-1 150-1
Cowboys 28-1 33-1 Steelers
150-1 150-1
Bears 28-1 40-1 Rams
300-1 200-1
Texans 28-1 40-1 Raiders
750-1 250-1
Lions 33-1 50-1 Bills
150-1 300-1
Falcons 33-1 66-1 Buccaneers
500-1 500-1
Browns 75-1 66-1 Jaguars
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