2014 Super Bowl Odds: Jaguars odds off after Eugene Monroe trade

Honestly, I have little interest in disparaging the Jacksonville Jaguars. Half of my family lives in Duval County. But this team is bad. And that's fine. Sometimes in the NFL you've got to get better in order to get worse. But this is a different kind of terrible, the kind of terrible that makes Las Vegas -- specifically Bovada.lv -- take the odds of Jacksonville winning the Super Bowl off the table.

It is, by the way, not even Week 5 yet. That's an improbably fast start for Jacksonville in this case. Last year, we didn't see the Jaguars or the Chiefs removed from the Super Bowl odds board until Week 12. Week 4 is mind-numbing.

A great example of where Jacksonville sits, though, comes in the form of the Eugene Monroe trade GM Dave Caldwell just pulled with the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome. In exchange for the 26-year-old former first-round pick, Caldwell got back Baltimore's fourth- and fifth-round picks in 2014.

That's a pittance when you think about the relative upside of a former first-round pick like Monroe. But it also makes sense from both sides. Newsome and Baltimore improve their offensive line right away and can take a look at Monroe to decide if they want to work out a long-term deal (or use the franchise tag on the tackle).

Jacksonville gets something in return for Monroe who is in the last year of his contract. If they'd franchise tagged him, it would be another year of Luke Joeckel on the right side of the line while waiting to see if they want to do a lengthy deal with Monroe. Or the Jags could've lost Monroe outright to free agency for nothing but compensatory picks. This still isn't much in return but it's a guarantee of something for Monroe, knowing that the Jaguars need as much ammunition as possible in the upcoming draft.

Don't be surprised if even a fan favorite like Maurice Jones-Drew (also in the final year of his deal) gets a similar path out of town. The Jaguars are inept on the field and MJD or Monroe aren't saving them. It should eventually be worth it, but right now it will be painful for the Jags.

So painful that the only odds you're gonna get on them the rest of the season is whether or not they go 0-16.

Notable Movements
Look at the separation of contenders starting to form. There's a big dropoff in between the Packers (14-1) and the Chiefs (25-1) and then a giant cluster of teams until another dropoff before the Lions (50-1). That should tell you that Vegas, like the rest of us, is very confused by everything.

The Dolphins (50-1) fall off the face of the Earth a bit after being exposed. It's not like they're some fraudulent team or anything, but they got manhandled by a very good Saints (9-1) teams on Monday during a prime time game.

Things really got out of hand quickly for the Rams (300-1) and Buccaneers (500-1) didn't they?

If you've read anything I've written the past few weeks then you know I love-love-love what Reggie Bush does for Detroit's offense. They wouldn't be my top pick right now to win the Super Bowl, and they've still got a tough division to deal with. But at 33-1, that's not a bad price.

Team Week 4  Odds
Week 5  Odds
Team Week 4  Odds
Week 5 Odds
Broncos 7-2 5-2 Panthers
66-1 66-1
Seahawks 17-4 9-2 Chargers
75-1 66-1
Patriots 10-1 9-1 Titans
66-1 66-1
Saints 12-1 9-1 Redskins
100-1 66-1
49ers 12-1 12-1 Browns
150-1 75-1
Packers 14-1 14-1 Cardinals
150-1 100-1
Chiefs 25-1 25-1 Eagles
75-1 100-1
Bears 16-1 28-1 Bills
150-1 150-1
Bengals 16-1 28-1 Vikings
250-1 150-1
Cowboys 22-1 28-1 Giants
75-1 150-1
Texans 20-1 28-1 Jets
125-1 150-1
Colts 33-1 28-1 Steelers
125-1 150-1
Falcons 28-1 33-1 Rams
150-1 300-1
Ravens 28-1 33-1 Buccaneers
250-1 500-1
Lions 40-1 33-1 Raiders
500-1 750-1
Dolphins 33-1 50-1 Jaguars
5000-1 OFF (!)
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