2014 Super Bowl Odds: Midseason's biggest movers

The CBSSports.com Midseason Midtacular* continues with a look at some 2014 Super Bowl Odds. For divisional report cards, awards and much more check out all our 2013 NFL Midseason content.

The halfway point of the NFL season is (basically) here and that means with our weekly look at 2014 Super Bowl Odds it's an obvious time to discuss how certain teams were valuated. As you might imagine, not everything in the NFL went to plan! 

Let's take a look at some of the biggest risers and fallers in value from the preseason.

Way Up

Everyone knew Andy Reid would turn the Chiefs (12-1) around right? It's OK, most of us did. But no one expected it this soon. KC was 50-1 to start the season and Vegas clearly slept on them.

The Panthers (33-1) are HOT Super Bowl team right now, having vaulted up the odds list in recent weeks with several blowout wins. They've vacillated a little wildly, having gotten as low as 150-1 after starting the year at 66-1. If only someone saw this coming.

Andrew Luck is better than advertised and as a result the Colts (16-1) are better than their preseason ranking of 40-1 at this stage in the game. They're the clear-cut favorite for the AFC South, even if Reggie Wayne's injury actually hurt them in recent weeks.

Way Down

The Falcons (150-1) started off the year as the fifth-highest favorite in Vegas at 12-1. This doesn't even seem like real life.

Matt Schaub and the Texans (100-1) were 16-1 to begin the season so they probably feel the same way.

The Buccaneers (OFF) were 50-1 to win the Super Bowl before the season. Those weren't good odds but they weren't really bad ones either, you know? They were a wild card in a mixed-up NFC South. Now they're off the board before Week 9.

Despite being the defending champs, the Ravens (66-1) didn't get that much respect at the beginning of the year at 28-1. They're getting even less now that they've started out 3-4.

Maybe everyone forgot the Redskins (125-1) stunk to begin the year in 2012 too. Their 33-1 preseason ranking doesn't look like a great bet right now. Maybe Mike Shanahan should give up on the season already.

Team Week 8  Odds
Week 9  Odds
Team Week 8 Odds
Week 9 Odds
Broncos 3-1 13-4 Texans
100-1 100-1
Seahawks 9-1 9-2 Eagles
66-1 100-1
Saints 8-1 15-2 Steelers
66-1 125-1
49ers 17-2 15-2 Redskins
100-1 125-1
Packers 12-1 9-1 Cardinals
300-1 150-1
Chiefs 20-1 12-1 Falcons
66-1 150-1
Patriots 12-1 12-1 Dolphins
100-1 150-1
Bengals 16-1 14-1 Jets
100-1 200-1
Colts 14-1 16-1 Titans
200-1 200-1
Cowboys 25-1 28-1 Raiders
500-1 250-1
Panthers 50-1 33-1 Bills
250-1 500-1
Lions 50-1 40-1 Browns
300-1 500-1
Chargers 50-1 50-1 Rams
300-1 500-1
Ravens 66-1 66-1 Vikings
500-1 750-1
Bears 50-1 75-1 Buccaneers
1000-1 OFF
Giants 150-1 75-1 Jaguars

*Not the actual name. :(

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