2014 Super Bowl Odds: Ride the Lions rollercoaster

Matthew Stafford and the Lions have been maddening this season.
Matthew Stafford and the Lions have been maddening this season.(USATSI)

Every week I put these 2014 Super Bowl Odds together and it's always a pretty fascinating look at how potential contenders are perceived. This late in the season we've obviously wiped a lot of teams off the board and we've got a pretty clear idea of what teams are in or making a run at the playoffs.

But that doesn't mean there aren't interesting storylines. For example, a team everyone's talking about this week, in the wake of rumors that Jim Schwartz job security could be on the line: the Lions. Detroit's been a marvelous rollercoaster this season, vascillating wildly over a small stretch of Super Bowl odds. The graph below is their odds for the season. Lower numbers are better (Week 11, 20-1 odds to win the Super Bowl) and higher numbers are worse (Week 16, 66-1 to win it all).

It's almost a perfect wave -- they've bounced back and forth from a team on the verge of making a serious run to an incomprehensibly frustrating team that can't manage to win easy games at home. They're no longer in the catbird seat for the NFC North and it's caused Detroit's odds to plummet. Matthew Stafford has maybe the best arm in the league and Calvin Johnson's the best wideout in the NFL. But they can't put it all together and resemble consistent over any meaningful stretch.

Notable Movement

  • The Jets are back off! Rex Ryan's crew was off the board two weeks ago, then came back on and then Justin Tucker daggered their face with a 61-yard kick, beating the Lions and mathematically eliminating the Jets once again.
  • The Bengals (20-1) are falling mainly because of a possible Week 17 matchup against the Ravens that, if the Dolphins (66-1) and Ravens win out, is a win-or-go-home game for Cincy. Gulp.
  • Good gravy the Packers (25-1) took a jump. We told you to buy while you could at 50-1; even with Aaron Rodgers not likely to come back this week, a Packers win will make them extremely expensive, with a possible NFC North "championship" game on the line in Week 17 against Chicago (40-1).
  • The NFC East is such a mess. No one trusts the Eagles (33-1) or the Cowboys (66-1) but someone has to win. It's likely to be Philly but I'd be willing to bet everything I own it comes down to Tony Romo holding the rock on the final possession of Week 17's showdown.
Team Week 15  Odds
Week 16  Odds
Team Week 15  Odds
Week 16 Odds
Seattle Seahawks 11-4 9-4 Arizona Cardinals
100-1 75-1
Denver Broncos 11-4 13-4 San Diego Chargers
75-1 75-1
San Francisco 49ers 8-1 15-2 Pittsburgh Steelers
300-1 300-1
Carolina Panthers 18-1 14-1 New York Jets
300-1 OFF
Kansas City Chiefs 25-1 14-1 New York Giants
New England Patriots 10-1 14-1 Tennessee Titans
New Orleans Saints 8-1 14-1 Washington Redskins
Cincinnati Bengals 16-1 20-1 Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers 50-1 25-1 Buffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens 50-1 33-1 Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts 33-1 33-1 Houston Texans
Philadelphia Eagles 28-1 33-1 St. Louis Rams
Chicago Bears 50-1 40-1 Oakland Raiders
Dallas Cowboys 50-1 66-1 Minnesota Vikings
Detroit Lions 40-1 66-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins 66-1 66-1 Jacksonville Jaguars
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