2014 Super Bowl Odds: Seahawks slide past Broncos

For the first time all season the Broncos are out of the pole position. Following their loss on Sunday night to the Patriots, the Broncos are 9-2 and just ahead of the Chiefs for the top seed in the AFC.

The Seahawks reign at the top could be short depending on how Week 13's matchup against the Saints (13-2) on Monday night goes. If they handle New Orleans, they'll be firmly locked in the top spot and the Saints should see a dip with the expectation that whoever wins that game will ultimately get homefield advantage in the NFC.

For the Broncos, there has to be some concern with Peyton Manning not winning games in the cold and other narratives, etc. I don't necessarily buy into it, but it's got to factor into the Vegas price. (Although 3.5-1 isn't much worse off than 3-1.)

A loss Sunday in Arrowhead would make the Broncos a REALLY attractive buy if they fell far enough. A win coupled with the Seahawks struggling could flip the Broncos back into the top spot.

Whatever the case, none of the options up top are particularly cheap, with the Patriots (7-1) dipping back below 10-1. Speculating on the 49ers (10-1) wouldn't be a bad idea with Michael Crabtree coming back and Aldon Smith starting to round into shape.

Notable Movements

  • We've got six total teams OFF the board as the Raiders and Texans fell out along with the Falcons, Vikings, Buccaneers and Jaguars. This time last year the Texans and Falcons were the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences.
  • The Steelers (50-1) and Cardinals (50-1) are straight up creeping on boards. Pittsburgh's within shouting distance of the Bengals (22-1) and definitely in play for the AFC Wild Card. Arizona's just a half game back of the 49ers (10-1) in the NFC West and the NFC Wild Card.
  • The Giants (100-1) look a lot worse off than they did even a week ago. Their surge was a mirage.
  • The Titans (100-1) were left for dead a week ago but now find themselves in the
Team Week 12  Odds
Week 13  Odds
Team Week 12  Odds
Week 13 Odds
Seattle Seahawks 13-4 3-1 Chicago Bears
40-1 66-1
Denver Broncos 3-1 7-2 San Diego Chargers
200-1 75-1
New Orleans Saints 13-2 13-2 New York Giants
40-1 100-1
New England Patriots 11-1 7-1 Tennessee Titans
300-1 100-1
Carolina Panthers 11-1 10-1 Miami Dolphins
100-1 150-1
San Francisco 49ers 14-1 10-1 New York Jets
150-1 250-1
Cincinnati Bengals 20-1 22-1 Washington Redskins
300-1 300-1
Kansas City Chiefs 18-1 25-1 St. Louis Rams
500-1 350-1
Indianapolis Colts 18-1 28-1 Cleveland Browns
400-1 400-1
Dallas Cowboys 40-1 33-1 Buffalo Bills
500-1 500-1
Detroit Lions 33-1 40-1 Oakland Raiders
500-1 OFF
Green Bay Packers 33-1 40-1 Houston Texans
500-1 OFF
Philadelphia Eagles 33-1 40-1 Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals 100-1 50-1 Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers 75-1 50-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens 100-1 66-1 Jacksonville Jaguars
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