2015 NFL Combine: 3 players each win $100K for lightning fast 40 times

Trae Waynes is $100,000 richer and he got to meet Snoop Dog. (Twitter)
Trae Waynes is $100,000 richer and he got to meet Snoop Dogg. (Twitter)

You've probably heard the phrase "It pays to be fast." Well, now we know exactly how much it pays.

Trae Waynes, Phillip Dorsett and Kevin White each won $100,000 on Monday for running three of the fastest 40 times during the NFL combine. 

The fastest time at the combine (4.28) was run by J.J. Nelson, but he didn't win any money because there was one catch to winning the $100,000: You had to be signed with Adidas. 

Waynes, Dorsett and White are all Adidas clients, Nelson isn't. 

The shoe company originally wanted to give away Porsches to the fastest runners, but the NFL shot down that idea because the league has a deal with General Motors. 

The players probably were't too upset about not getting the Porsches though because the cars were only worth $83,000. Thanks to the $100,000 prize, they can buy a Porsche and still have money left over for about two days worth of gas. 

As for their actual 40 times, Waynes ran a 4.31, which was the fastest time by a defensive back and the second fastest overall, trailing only Nelson. Waynes' 40-time clearly impressed his old college coach, Mark Dantonio, which you can see in the clip below. 

The other two $100,000 winners, Dorsett and White, clocked in at 4.33 and 4.35.

People who didn't win $100,000

If Adidas had been giving out money to the person who ran the slowest 40, then Rich Eisen would be collecting a check right now. The NFL Network host, who has made it an annual event to run the 40 at the combine in a suit, ran his slowest 40 time since 2011.

Eisen ran a personal best of 5.98 in 2014, but he wasn't able to crack the six-second mark in 2015, running a 6.10. However, Eisen did raise a lot of money for charity, so he shouldn't hang his head too low for his 6.10. 

Someone who did crack the six-second mark was Oklahoma guard Adam Shead, who clocked in at 5.74, the slowest time of any player at the combine. Shead was also slower than Roger Goodell, who ran a 5.53 in his office -- Although I'm not sure Goodell ran a full 40 yards and I'm also not sure we can trust the guy who hand-timed Goodell. We might need to launch an investigation into this. 

World record

It's not often anyone sets a world record at the NFL combine, but Connecticut's Byron Jones did exactly that during the broad jump on Monday. It might be an unofficial record, but Jones' jump of 12'3" topped the old record of 12 feet, 2.1 inches, which was set in 1968

Jones might end up holding that record for the rest of his life. The broad jump hasn't been an Olympic sport since 1912, which means if anyone ever tops Jones' jump, it will probably be someone in Norway, where a broad jump championship is still held annually

You can see Jones' crazy jump below. 

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