2015 Super Bowl Odds: Bridgewater boosts Vikings after NFL Draft

We put a lot of stock into the outcome of the NFL Draft. But as the Super Bowl odds following the 2014 NFL Draft show us, Vegas doesn't put that much stock in what teams do.

Only a few teams really moved the needle to any serious degree after the draft weekend's action. By far more movement happened throughout free agency.

No surprise, there, though. Adding veterans should equate to more of an impact than first-year players. 

There are still a few notable movers:

  • Not sure adding Jimmy Garropolo caused the Patriots to bump up. I'd pin it on the other teams in the AFC East having meh drafts.
  • The Bears pulled off a very nice draft, adding Kyle Fuller at cornerback (arguably the best corner in the class) and then pairing Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton at defensive tackle. Their defense went from "unmitigated disaster" to "mildly intriguing unit" pretty quickly.
  • The Panthers not addressing their left tackle needs clearly caused them to dip, along with the NFC South improving around them. In terms of adding quality players -- Kelvin Benjamin is raw but has massive upside, Kony Ealy is a potential stud -- I'd argue they had a nice draft. But they definitely didn't address their immediate needs. There's an interesting argument on that front that's for another time. 
  • If the Eagles landed Brandin Cooks I bet they move up in these odds. Instead, it's the Saints climbing after a bold move to land the speedster. 
  • Can't really figure out why the Cardinals, Falcons, Bengals and Ravens dropped. Kind of feel like it's a "reset" sort of thing maybe? I love all four of those teams in terms of having value right now as a long-term play. 40-1 is a nice preseason number for a group of teams that could either surprise, bounceback or both.
  • Teddy Bridgewater's the sole reason for the Vikings move, I'd think, although Anthony Barr doesn't hurt their odds. Pairing Teddy with Norv Turner should equate to immediate improvement for Minnesota regardless of the weather he plays in.
Team FA Odds (3/18)
Post Draft Odds
Team FA Odds
Post-Draft Odds
Seattle Seahawks 6-1 6-1 Dallas Cowboys 40-1 40-1
Denver Broncos 7-1 7-1 Houston Texans 33-1 40-1
New England Patriots 9-1 15-2 New York Giants 40-1 40-1
San Francisco 49ers 15-2 15-2 San Diego Chargers
33-1 40-1
Green Bay Packers 10-1 10-1 Cleveland Browns 50-1 50-1
Chicago Bears 28-1 20-1 Detroit Lions 40-1 50-1
Indianapolis Colts 20-1 20-1 Miami Dolphins 50-1 50-1
New Orleans Saints 22-1 20-1 St. Louis Rams
40-1 50-1
Philadelphia Eagles 18-1 22-1 Minnesota Vikings 66-1 50-1
Carolina Panthers 25-1 28-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50-1 50-1
Kansas City Chiefs 33-1 33-1 Washington Redskins 50-1 50-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 33-1 33-1

New York Jets 66-1 66-1
Arizona Cardinals 33-1 40-1 Buffalo Bills 75-1 75-1
Atlanta Falcons 33-1 40-1 Tennessee Titans 75-1 75-1
Baltimore Ravens 33-1 40-1 Jacksonville Jaguars 150-1 100-1
Cincinnati Bengals 33-1 40-1 Oakland Raiders 75-1 100-1
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