Chris Johnson’s 4.24-second 40-yard dash combine record has fallen, thanks to a blistering time from Washington receiver John Ross.  Ross, who said at the podium he’d been timed with a 4.3 flat, delivered an unofficial 4.22 time during Saturday’s drills in Indy.

His time was later confirmed as 4.22 when the official results were released:

One NFC team told’s Dane Brugler that they had unofficial times of 4.16 and 4.19 for the Washington receiver. 4.16!

Consider CJ2K impressed:

NFL Network ran a simulcast featuring Johnson’s time with a yellow bar indicating his progress (he ran at the RCA Dome so they can’t bring in his actual run on television), and it appeared that he finished ahead of Ross when all was said and done. But with an official 4.22 on the books, Ross now etches his name into combine lore.

Ross actually cramped up following the run and won’t be running a second 40-yard dash, according to Kim Jones of NFL Network.  Also, no, Ross will not be winning the island that Adidas offered up, because the wide receiver ran in Nike shoes.

He shouldn’t have to worry about money, however, as he is now a likely top-20 pick. Ross was already slated to go in the first round if everything checked out with his medical history. Now he’s a very good bet to go in the first half of the round and potentially be the first wide receiver off the board.