The Panthers have an uphill challenge to make it back to the playoffs. That's what a 3-5 start will get you. But they should be considered a reasonable sleeper for the purposes of Super Bowl odds.

Why? Couple of reasons.

Their schedule isn't terrible: Chiefs-Saints-Raiders-Seahawks, with the first two at home and the latter two a back-t0-back West Coaster, isn't easy. If they can go 2-2 or 3-1 in those games (not unreasonable), the final four games are sweepable. That's six or seven wins for a three-win team. Nine should get you into the playoffs in the NFC, 10 definitely will.

The NFC is terrible: Everyone is coming back to the pack, especially in the NFC North, which features a bad Packers team and a worse Vikings team. The Lions are a rollercoaster. The Falcons are probably going to win the NFC South and the Cowboys will likely win the NFC East, but the Panthers are right there in terms of teams who can push this division.

The defense is on fire: After six horrible weeks of playing defense, Carolina has been lights out the last two weeks. The Panthers have 12 sacks in two games (eight against Arizona, four against Los Angeles) and Kawaan Short is keying the unit's resurgence. Cam Newton got hot around this time last year too. It's not unreasonable for this streaky team to start streaking again.

Here are the Super Bowl odds entering Week 10 in the NFL:

1. New England Patriots (7-5, Previously 8-5): The current Super Bowl line is AFC -6, which is pretty incredible because it's Week 10.

2. Seattle Seahawks (8-1, Previously 8-1): Lucky win for them at home. Second-biggest Super Bowl favorite can't run the ball or pass block. That's terrifying.

3. Dallas Cowboys (8-1, Previously 8-1): No idea why they dropped here. Guess they needed to beat the Browns by 50.

The Cowboys win easily in Cleveland but see their odds go down. USATSI

4. Atlanta Falcons (14-1, Previously 20-1): The other teams in the NFC South are coming for them but the Falcons keep surging. That defense is getting sneakily better.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (16-1, Previously 16-1): Maybe they don't need Ben Roethlisberger back.

6. Oakland Raiders (18-1, Previously 20-1): That was dominant performance from the offensive line against Denver on Sunday. This team is real.

7. Minnesota Vikings (18-1, Previously 8-1): A very understandable free fall for a team that's lost three straight games and can't play any offense at all.

8. Green Bay Packers (20-1, Previously 16-1): Losing to the Colts at home was arguably the worst home, regular season loss of the Mike McCarthy era.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (20-1, Previously 20-1): They just keep on winning in a very quiet fashion.

10. Denver Broncos (25-1, Previously 12-1): Denver might secretly be the worst team in the AFC West.

11. Indianapolis Colts (30-1, Previously 80-1): This says a lot more about the division than it does this team.

12. Arizona Cardinals (30-1, Previously 25-1): They need a "get right" game against San Francisco this week. David Johnson should carry the ball 45 times.

The Cardinals have struggled to find their form from 2015. USATSI

13. New York Giants (30-1, Previously 40-1): Sure this team is good. Why not. Who knows.

14. Carolina Panthers (40-1, Previously 50-1): Carolina's defense is starting to come on strong. Twelve sacks in the last two weeks and they're flying all over the place.

15. Washington Redskins (50-1, Previously 60-1): That's a rough schedule without Trent Williams playing left tackle. Make or break stretch coming.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (50-1, Previously 40-1): Given how bad the AFC North is, they're a pretty good flier to throw out there for a deep run.

17. Baltimore Ravens (50-1, Previously 80-1): Your first-place Baltimore Ravens, ladies and gentlemen!

18. Detroit Lions (50-1, Previously 100-1): Dramatic drop for the most dramatic team in the NFL. Incredible comeback. They can win this division.

19. New Orleans Saints (50-1, Previously 100-1): The defense looks a little better and the run game is starting to get going ... Crazier things have happened.

20. Houston Texans (50-1, Previously 40-1): The AFC South leader has a -32 point differential. Amazing.

21. San Diego Chargers (100-1, Previously 100-1): Real shame they lost those games early. AFC West might be too big a hill to climb for a team that looks really good right now.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (100-1, Previously 50-1): Really tough stretch on their schedule coming up and the rookie wall might be coming.

23. Miami Dolphins (100-1, Previously 100-1): Sleeper to make the playoffs as a wild card with the way Jay Ajayi is running.

24. Tennessee Titans (200-1, Previously 80-1): They do some things very well but they're just not trustworthy against anyone remotely capable.

25. Buffalo Bills (200-1, Previously 100-1): Brutal loss to Seattle before the bye.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (300-1, Previously 200-1): They were totally depantsed last Thursday and this Bears game might be the only easy matchup left on their schedule.

27. Los Angeles Rams (300-1, Previously 100-1): They need to lose some games so they can go on a winning streak and close around .500.

28. Chicago Bears (500-1, Previously 2000-1): This is how wide-open the NFC North is right now.

29. New York Jets (1000-1, Previously 300-1): Bryce Petty time. Gulp.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1000-1, Previously 1000-1): Blake Bortles is broken. Needs to be said every week.

31. San Francisco 49ers (9999-1, Previously 9999-1): They've given up seven-straight 100-yard rushing games.

32. Cleveland Browns (OFF, Previously 9999-1): Who knew you could go higher than 9999-1!