2017 Super Bowl Odds for NFL Week 13: Saints, Bucs offer huge upside

There's no such thing as a good long shot in the NFL right now, because the league is so top heavy. The best teams are the ones you want to roll the dice on for Super Bowl purposes.

But there are two interesting teams in the NFC South at least worth considering. Both the New Orleans Saints and the Buccaneers make for interesting, high-payout fliers when it comes to the Super Bowl.

Drew Brees and Jameis Winston can sling it, both teams have talent at wide receiver (Michael Thomas/Brandin Cooks/Willie Snead for the Saints and Mike Evans for the Bucs) and both have defenses that are playing better than you think over the past month.

This isn't meant to discount the Atlanta Falcons , who are very good as well. The point is just that these teams all play each other. There is ground to be made up. And both the Saints and Bucs are 100-1.

It's a lightning-in-a-bottle situation you're trying to catch. You could do worse if you want a big payoff.

Here are the current Super Bowl odds, via the Las Vegas Westgate, entering Week 13:

1. New England Patriots (7-5, Previously 7-5): A gritty win over the New York Jets and Rob Gronkowski 's injuries make this feel like the line has stopped moving for the season.

2. Dallas Cowboys (9-2, Previously 5-1): Not this one, though. Dallas moves on up after handling the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving.

3. Seattle Seahawks (6-1, Previously 5-1): Even a five-point outing for Russell Wilson and Co. can't hurt the Seahawks too much. It helps to play in a suddenly terrible division.

4. Oakland Raiders (12-1, Previously 16-1): A thrilling comeback win over the Carolina Panthers and Derek Carr 's MVP candidacy push the Raiders even higher.

Derek Carr is having an incredible season. USATSI

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (14-1, Previously 14-1): Thanksgiving didn't tell us much outside of the Steelers' ability to blast Scott Tolzien . Not in first in the AFC North, but still the favorite to win the division.

6. Atlanta Falcons (14-1, Previously 20-1): A statement win over the Arizona Cardinals in their last stand. Atlanta isn't sexy but it just keeps winning.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (18-1, Previously 25-1): Just when you think Alex Smith isn't the guy to storm down the field and win a game, he storms down the field and wins the game.

8. Indianapolis Colts (25-1, Previously 18-1): Still capable of winning the division, but just not with Scott Tolzien.

9. New York Giants (25-1, Previously 30-1): An 8-3 record should lock them in for the postseason, although they have a difficult schedule down the stretch. Just worth monitoring.

10. Detroit Lions (25-1, Previously 30-1): They've trailed in the fourth quarter during all 11 of their games and managed to win seven. Incredible.

11. Denver Broncos (30-1, Previously 20-1): Gary Kubiak could look back less than fondly on his decision to let Brandon McManus attempt a 62-yard field goal.

12. Washington Redskins (50-1, Previously 40-1): That tie in London is really starting to loom large with the NFC wild-card race tightening up.

13. Minnesota Vikings (50-1, Previously 25-1): Another brutal loss to Detroit leaves Sam Bradford and Co. wondering if 5-0 will mean no playoffs.

14. Green Bay Packers (50-1, Previously 80-1): Aaron Rodgers is starting to get hot with a friendly schedule.

The Packers aren't dead yet. USATSI

15. Baltimore Ravens (50-1, Previously 60-1): Has there ever been a less-respected, non-AFC South division leader?

16. Miami Dolphins (60-1, Previously 80-1): With six straight wins, Adam Gase should be firmly in the Coach of the Year discussion.

17. Tennessee Titans (60-1, Previously 100-1): Barely held on against the Chicago Bears , and the defense needs to tighten up down the stretch to make the postseason.

18. Houston Texans (80-1, Previously 50-1): It's borderline impossible to believe they hold onto the division and totally impossible to see them doing anything in the postseason.

19. Buffalo Bills (80-1, Previously 80-1): Rex Ryan just keeps treading water.

20. Arizona Cardinals (80-1, Previously 50-1): Arizona's dream season has gone up in flames.

21. New Orleans Saints (100-1, Previously 100-1): The Saints came after Gregg Williams with a fury. This is a long-shot team that's lingering.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (100-1, Previously 100-1): Another quality win for Jameis Winston and they're lingering too.

23. San Diego Chargers (100-1, Previously 200-1): Philip Rivers is going to look back on this season and sigh.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (200-1, Previously 200-1): Hard to imagine them barn-burning the NFC East with the other teams where they are.

25. Carolina Panthers (300-1, Previously 80-1): Horrific gag against the Raiders.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (1000-1, Previously 200-1): Might be seeing the end of the Marvin Lewis era.

27. Los Angeles Rams (1000-1, Previously 500-1): 7-9 looks like a pipe dream.

28. New York Jets (OFF, Previously 2000-1): Just start Bryce Petty already.

29. Chicago Bears (OFF, Previously OFF): Matt Barkley time.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (OFF, Previously OFF): Blake Bortles is broken. Worth saying every week.

31. San Francisco 49ers (OFF, Previously OFF): Colin Kaepernick is making them think.

32. Cleveland Browns (OFF, Previously OFF): 0-16 is in reach.

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