2017 Super Bowl Odds, Week 7: After Patriots, not many good teams

Not to get all ranty in this intro, but there aren't a lot of good teams in the NFL. I mean, there are some good teams. The Patriots are great and will mow down people with their offense the rest of this season.

The Vikings haven't lost and have a tremendous defense. The Cowboys don't care who starts at quarterback as long as it's not Tony Romo. The Falcons nearly beat the Broncos and Seahawks in back-to-back road games. The Seahawks are winning but haven't played that well.

And, um, well, uh, that's it? You can throw the Cardinals in the "good team" category if you want. They looked great Monday, but they're 3-3. The Packers have a broken offense and aren't good until further notice, especially with their running backs dropping like flies. The Steelers lost Ben Roethlisberger for what could be multiple weeks while losing to the Dolphins.

Denver has lost consecutive games to softer teams and can be run on. The Raiders are a total wild card, but fun to watch. Do you trust the Texans? I hope not. The Bills feel like a mirage.

You get a third of the way through the league and you start grimacing at the quality of football teams out there. Just some really bad teams.

Past the halfway mark and you're just trying to justify why the Panthers, Bengals and Colts can turn it around, even though all signs point to miserable seasons for them.

If anyone ever asks you about ratings, just point toward the total lack of quality football teams out there.

1. New England Patriots (5-2, Previously 7-2): There's no reason to doubt the success of this team and its 13 feet worth of terrifying tight ends. You made Rob Gronkowski angry and now he is going to punish you all.

2. Seattle Seahawks (6-1, Previously 7-1): They're winning and they're not even playing their best football yet. Scary.

3. Minnesota Vikings (6-1, Previously 5-1): Guess they lost the bye or something.

4. Dallas Cowboys (10-1, Previously 18-1): The only issue is whether to keep playing Dak Prescott over Tony Romo.

5. Green Bay Packers (10-1, Previously 5-1): This offense needs repair and there's no easy fix. Or maybe there is but Mike McCarthy's too stubborn to make it.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-1, Previously 6-1): A Ben Roethlisberger torn meniscus will drop you pretty quick.

7. Arizona Cardinals (16-1, Previously 18-1): Arizona looked "back" Monday night. It should only get better.

8. Denver Broncos (16-1, Previously 12-1): Very interested to see how this team bounces back from a stretch of adversity.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (20-1, Previously 30-1): Never bet against Andy Reid off a bye.

10. Atlanta Falcons (20-1, Previously 20-1): Can't drop them for the loss against Seattle. Heck of an effort and they were hosed by a late pass interference penalty that wasn't called.

11. Oakland Raiders (25-1, Previously 16-1): A very good team that still feels very uneven. Not entirely sure what you're getting week to week.

12. Washington Redskins (30-1, Previously 40-1): Remember when this team was 0-2? Feels like 10 years ago.

13. Houston Texans (30-1, Previously 40-1): Probably the worst 4-2 division leader in NFL history.

14. Buffalo Bills (40-1, Previously 60-1): Remember when this team was 0-2? Feels like 100 years ago.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (50-1, Previously 30-1): The Lane Johnson suspension showed up in a big way this past week. It's only going to get worse.

16. New York Giants (50-1, Previously 60-1): Much-needed explosion from Odell Beckham in the second half. G-Men were in danger of falling off a cliff.

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. goes off. Is it a wake-up call for the G-Men? USATSI

17. Baltimore Ravens (60-1, Previously 50-1): Much-not-needed explosion from Odell Beckham in the second half. Ravens could be falling off a cliff.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (60-1, Previously 50-1): Something is very wrong with this team and Vontaze Burfict didn't magically fix it. Not sure Tyler Eifert will either.

19. Carolina Panthers (60-1, Previously 40-1): This defense is 100 percent broken.

20. Indianapolis Colts (60-1, Previously 60-1): A clear-cut case of roster malpractice involving Andrew Luck.

21. Tennessee Titans (60-1, Previously 100-1): This is the best team in the AFC South. That doesn't mean much, but it's true.

22. San Diego Chargers (80-1, Previously 100-1): San Diego could easily be 6-0, which is pointless yet accurate. Things are swinging back their way a little bit after beating Denver.

23. Detroit Lions (100-1, Previously 100-1): They hang in every game and win or lose in the final seconds.

24. Miami Dolphins (100-1, Previously 300-1): THE DOLPHINS ARE ALIVE?

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (200-1, Previously 200-1): THE JAGUARS ARE ALIVE?

26. New Orleans Saints (200-1, Previously 300-1): THE SAINTS ... no, just kidding. They're not alive.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (200-1, Previously 200-1): The NFC South is full of really terrible defenses.

28. Los Angeles Rams (200-1, Previously 100-1): Jeff Fisher is a magnet for a .500 record.

29. New York Jets (300-1, Previously 300-1): This is a really terrible team. Everyone thinks they should start Geno Smith.

30. Chicago Bears (1,000-1, Previously 500-1): Brian Hoyer hasn't thrown a pick in four straight games. During his time with the Bears, Jay Cutler has never made it three games in a row without one. They're still terrible.

31. San Francisco 49ers (9,999-1, Previously 5,000-1): Welcome to the dos commas club, San Fran.

32. Cleveland Browns (9,999-1, Previously 9,999-1): This is the worst it gets all season, I think. Terrelle Pryor is really good at playing wide receiver though, which is pretty amazing and awesome.

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