After Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States on Jan. 20, one of the first big sit-down interviews he'll do will come on Super Bowl Sunday.

Fox News announced this week that Trump will sit down with Bill O'Reilly for an interview that will air during Fox's pregame coverage of Super Bowl LI. The interview is set to air around 4 p.m. ET; however, it won't be live. O'Reilly is expected to conduct the interview at the White House a few hours before it actually airs.

"It should be a very interesting conversation and I really appreciate FNC's confidence in me," O'Reilly said on Tuesday.

Although you're probably not shocked to hear that Trump is doing one of his first big sit-down interviews with someone from Fox News, the truth is, Fox has been doing a presidential interview on Super Bowl Sunday since at least 2011. The last two times Fox has aired the Super Bowl -- in 2011 and 2014 -- O'Reilly interviewed President Obama.

Back in 2014, things even got slightly contentious.

"You may remember that I did this back in 2014 with Barack Obama and it was very controversial because I pushed the president on a number of issues, including the terror attack on Benghazi," O'Reilly said.

So will he be pushing Trump on controversial issues?

"This time around, I expect to ask President Trump a number of policy questions, but also -- and this is intriguing to me -- how he's processing his amazing achievement," O'Reilly said. "A man with no political experience winning the most powerful office in the world. Is he reflective at all? It should be a very interesting conversation."

If the Patriots were to make the Super Bowl, a Trump interview could actually be somewhat fascinating from a football perspective, and that's because he'd probably spend half of it talking about his "best friend" Tom Brady. Besides Brady, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft are two other members of the organization who let it be known during the election that they supported Trump.