The 2018 NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and as usual, it's the quarterbacks that are generating the most pre-draft speculation. 

Which of the (sort of) consensus top four passers will the Browns take at No. 1? Are the Giants really going to pass on a quarterback at No. 2? Which of these guys do the Jets actually want? Are the Bills or Dolphins or Broncos going to trade up? Will the Saints or Steelers or Chargers or Patriots drafted successors to their longtime starters?

Another team reportedly in the quarterback market is the Cardinals. Carson Palmer retired this offseason and the Cards signed a couple stopgap options in Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon, but they don't necessarily have a long-term plan at the position. Well, maybe they do. 

According to The MMQB's Peter King, the Cardinals have a favorite QB in the class. In King's first and only mock draft, he reported that the Cardinals don't just like Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield ... they love him. 

Call this hunch the Won't Get Fooled Again Pick. I've always thought a segment of the Cardinals had regrets over the 2017 draft when, with a 37-year-old quarterback (Carson Palmer) possibly in his last year, they were leap-frogged by teams who took Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson one and three picks ahead of them. Plus, the Cardinals don't like Baker Mayfield. They love him. 

The possibility of pairing Mayfield and David Johnson in the backfield over the long-term is an intriguing one, considering Johnson's versatility and Mayfield's ability to throw to all levels of the field and make plays out of nothing when things break down. That would be one of the most athletic backfields in the league whenever Mayfield took over at the position, and a creative offensive coordinator could design an offense that takes full advantage of the players' skill sets. 

Former Chargers coach Mike McCoy is the man in charge of Arizona's offense under new head coach Steve Wilks (who replaced the retired Bruce Arians); and though there seems to be little similarity, style-wise, between Mayfield and Philip Rivers, maybe McCoy sees something there that he can work with. 

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