A year ago, Tom Brady and the Patriots made history when they overcame a 28-3 deficit to beat the Falcons in overtime of Super Bowl LI. In the dizzying aftermath of the greatest comeback ever, Brady lost track of his game jersey. Specifically, it was stolen out of his locker by Martin Mauricio Ortega.

By April, the the Case of the Stolen Tom Brady Jerseys was officially closed when team owner Robert Kraft presented the quarterback with not only his game-worn jersey from Super Bowl LI but the one from Super Bowls XLIX too.

And even though Ortega has been banned from attending future Super Bowls, both the league and Brady have plans to insure thievery isn't a problem at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday.

"One of the main goals is to keep people and property safe," a law enforcement official told TMZ. "We do not want a repeat of last year and we have learned lessons from other major sporting events."

TMZ adds that, the "overall security plan involves federal agencies, multiple state agencies and private security plus 'surveillance everywhere.'"

As a failsafe, Brady has his own, simple security measures in place.

"I'm taking [the jersey] with me, man, if we win," Brady said Tuesday. "If we lose, I'm throwing it in the garbage."

As it stands, the Patriots are 5.5-point favorites to win their sixth Lombardi Trophy and four of seven CBSSports.com experts think they'll do it. Which means we shouldn't expect to find a game-worn Brady jersey in the trash.