For whatever reason, a WEEI radio host went on the air last week and described Tom Brady's five-year-old daughter as a "pissant" while calling her appearance in the "Tom vs. Time" documentary annoying. Children are children after all, and act like children. But calling a child a name on a popular local radio station? It lacks any sort of sensibility, couth or tact. Quite understandably, Brady was not happy about the situation.

Asked about the situation at the 2018 Super Bowl Opening Night, Brady said he understands criticism is a part of being a famous athlete, but maybe just leave the kids out of it.

"I just think any parent is really protective of their kids and I've never stayed away from criticism, I understand that you know, criticism is part of sports but I certainly don't think that my children or any other children, really, deserve to be in that," Brady said, via the Boston Globe. "So, that's how I felt."

Brady is 100 percent right here. As the father of a four-year old boy, I sympathize: my son can be annoying at times because, you know, he's a four-year old. But someone else talking about him in public? Oh no no no. The dismissive nature the host used towards Brady's daughter was disrespectful on a number of levels, one of which is the very terrible decision to insult the most famous person who appears on the entire radio station over the course of the week.

The Pats quarterback appears on "Kirk and Callahan" each Monday morning; they are going to be the first interview with Brady on Monday morning after Super Bowl LII, regardless of outcome. Or maybe were -- Brady indicated he would need to re-evaluate his stance on appearing on the radio show when talking on the phone with the normal hosts on Monday morning.

However, Brady took a different stance of sorts on Monday night when he was asked about the other host's decision to insult his daughter, saying he hopes he is not fired and that Brady understands "we all make mistakes."

"I think, you know, we all have careers and we all make mistakes and I mean, I'd hate for someone to have to change their life over something like that," Brady said. "It's certainly not what he intended."

That's a really compassionate stance to take, even if Brady doesn't entirely mean it. (I have no idea how he feels; if someone called my son a mean name on air, I might have a tough time deciding, honestly. It would probably depend on who it was and how upset my wife was.) 

Pats owner Robert Kraft also came to the defense of Brady's daughter.

"You don't talk about someone's [5-year-old] child no matter who the adult is," Kraft said. "I mean that. By the way, I happen to know the child, and she's awesome. She's vivacious, loving, terrific."

For whatever it's worth, the station has suspended Alex Reimer "indefinitely" from "all WEEI platforms" and called his "mean-spirited" comments "utterly indefensible."

Brady regularly goes onto WEEI -- he appears there once a week and his Monday morning appearances are almost always newsworthy, because the Patriots quarterback is willing to open up over the phone and provide pretty good information, whether the Patriots win or lose. 

The quarterback said Monday he hasn't "thought about" whether or not he'll continue to appear on WEEI following the Super Bowl and would, per the Globe, "table" his decision until after the Super Bowl. 

"I haven't thought about it," Brady said. "I've been thinking about this game."

That might mean for Brady a decision based on the outcome of the Super Bowl, which should mean that Mr. Reimer should be rooting extremely hard for a good game from Brady and a win for the Patriots, otherwise the radio station could end up losing the morning after Super Bowl interview from Brady.