Just as we do every year, your favorite friends here at CBSSports.com used this space shortly before the beginning of the 2019 season to put forth a sincere effort to predict what would happen this year. 

Looking back on those predictions eight weeks into the season, we were all very right about some things (the Patriots are great and the Dolphins are terrible) and very wrong about some others (the 49ers will probably not be finishing third in the NFC West). But now that the season is halfway over, we thought this was as good a time as any to do a bit of a reset and predict the league all over again. 

Given eight weeks worth of information, you'd think we could get a few more things correct this time around. Before we get to the predictions, a few notes: 

  • Surprise, surprise, everybody still has the Patriots winning the AFC East. We now have a unanimous order of finish for that division as well: Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, Jets. 
  • The Ravens are now our unanimous pick to win the AFC North. None of us picked them before the season. 
  • The Colts and Texans are now the only teams that received votes to win the AFC South. (The Jaguars had two preseason votes.)
  • Everyone has the Bills as a wild card team, but there's some disagreement on which of three AFC South teams will get the other spot. 
  • Everyone but Jason La Canfora and John Breech now has the Cowboys winning the NFC East. We unanimously had Philly in first and Dallas in second before the season.
  • The NFC North was a source of disagreement, with a nearly equal split between Packers and Vikings predictions. Most voters have whichever team they predicted to finish second in the North grabbing one of the wild card spots. 
  • JLC was the only voter to not have the undefeated 49ers winning the NFC West. He's got the Seahawks. 
  • Pete Prisco is the only one of our voters who did not change his Super Bowl pick at all. He still has the Packers over the Patriots. Everybody else changed their winner, their loser, or both.  
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