On Thursday night, the 2020 NFL Draft kicked off and came to us virtually for the first time ever, as the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for the event to be held in Las Vegas as originally planned. Instead of seeing coaches, personnel and GMs all gathered in war rooms together and players walking across the stage when they were selected, we got an inside look into everyone's homes.

Some GMs and coaches clearly spent a lot of time creating the perfect draft space, while others quite obviously threw something together. 

As the broadcast brought us through homes from each team, people headed to Twitter to critique, judge and compliment each setup. While it's hard to narrow down the best ones, given the sheer number of homes we got to see, I will give it my best attempt.

Here are the 10 most compelling home setups from Thursday night:

1. Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals head coach

This is what I picture when I think of someone who is super rich. Full wall of windows, a cabana, a fire pit in the middle of the grass and a mountain view. This place has everything. 

That outdoor area is so fancy, I don't know what's going on in half the space. Is that curtained area to the right a sauna or a shower? I'm not even rich enough to know what it is, never mind to have it. Looking at the inside is just as nice. I know that couch isn't from Ikea.

I want to find something to criticize and say that wall of windows would give off too much heat in Arizona weather, but you just know he has some window technology that blocks the heat.

2. Mike Vrabel, Tennessee Titans head coach

Hard to pick where to start in Mike Vrabel's war room, so let's just begin with the person in costume. They look like they were going for a Frozone from "The Incredibles" look, but I've yet to figure out why. 

"Honey, where is my super suit? The NFL Draft is in danger!" 

Hopefully he got to watch the entire first night and didn't have to leave to solve crimes.

Moving on to the person with the mustache and mullet. I mean, need I say more. Mustache. Mullet.

Then there is the person far to the left behind the window. While it looks like he is on the toilet, Vrabel said he was actually just sitting on a stool. You can choose whether you believe that or not.

3. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner

With all the money Jerry Jones has, you had to know his space was going to be interesting, and Jerry did not disappoint.

I feel the need to emphasize that this yacht costs $250 million

$250 million. 

His boat is more expensive than a lot of celebrity mansions. Sometimes in the summer I rent kayaks, so I sort of know what his life is like.

Jones' war room looks like it was modeled after the lair of a Disney cartoon villain. 

"I want everything to be the same color of cream and I want the couch to be huge, but look stiff," is what I imagine Jones said to the interior designer.

4. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots head coach

Bill Belichick was shown in the first round, even though we all knew he was going to trade down.

His setup is exactly how I imagined it would be. Simple, no nonsense, not much technology around. Belichick has been known to throw tablets on the ground on the sidelines, so there was no chance he would have an elaborate setup.

Most war rooms have something in them relating to football. Former players sometimes have a replica Lombardi Trophy, or footballs from a Super Bowl, maybe a helmet on a shelf. Belichick had... a plate with a boat on it and and a bottle of daily vitamins.

If you don't follow the sport there are exactly zero context clues that this man has a job with a football team, and I'm sure that's exactly how he likes it to be.

5. Dave Gettleman, New York Giants GM

Dave Gettleman looks like he saw my earlier critique of his boring war room and searched around his house for something Giants related before he found an old rally towel in the garage and hung it on the television. He won't be on an interior design show anytime soon.

Between the first and second picture of his war room, he did add some more screens to watch the draft, which I applaud him for, but he took down the one piece of art he had on his walls, which is odd.

Lately, most things the Giants do is noteworthy, though it's not always for good reason.

6. Gus Malzahn, Auburn head coach

When the broadcast cut to Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn's space, many were surprised to see he has a giant decal of himself on the wall. In what looks to be his family's game room/television room/basement, he has an entire wall reading, "Hurry up no huddle," with him getting the famous gatorade bath.

I can see printing out a photo of that moment -- maybe even a canvas -- but an entire wall of it seems a little much.

7. D'Andre Swift, Georgia running back

The Georgia running back didn't get called in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but he did make the top 10 on this list, so that should make him feel a little better.

He, or someone else who lives in that house, is clearly a comic book fan because he was shown in front of a giant DC mural. 

Swift was watching the first night with his family, but Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were there to support as well.

8. Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins head coach

A lot of head coaches and GMs had their kids hanging out in their draft rooms during round one. Dolphins head coach Brian Flores brought his two boys in, and even let them talk to Tua Tagovailoa, who Miami picked at No. 5 overall.

Flores' kids were laughing, giving thumbs up and seemed thrilled that they got to be part of the night, giving us an adorable draft moment.

9. Henry Ruggs III, Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver

Many were confused about Henry Ruggs' wardrobe choice for the draft when he first appeared on camera in a bathrobe. Most potential draft picks wear a suit or something business casual, but Ruggs went really casual.

Turns out, the rookie has a deal with Old Spice, and presumably wanted to raise awareness to the company's $320,000 donation to United Way.

He is wasting no time using his platform for good and building relationships with companies.

10. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

How can I not bring up the ring leader of this entire event? Roger Goodell came to us live from his basement to announce the selections for the night.

His space wasn't so much intriguing, it's what he did during the broadcast that caught people's eye.

The commissioner changed halfway through the first round, accidentally announced Las Vegas as the site for the 2020 NFL Draft instead of the 2022 draft, did the SKOL chant and encouraged "Boos." 

It was a lot.

Honorable mention: Andy Reid's shirt

I couldn't write about the 2020 NFL Draft without including the Kansas City Chiefs head coach's fantastic flower shirt. Reid dressed to impress.