The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft went fairly well on Thursday night considering how it was 100 percent virtual and conducted from commissioner Roger Goodell's basement. While there were some surprising picks such as Henry Ruggs III being the first wideout selected or the Green Bay Packers taking former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love, it was the Tennessee Titans at No. 29 overall that stole the show.

While they selected a new right tackle out of the University of Georgia by the name of Isaiah Wilson, it was actually head coach Mike Vrabel and his home setup that everyone was left talking about. The reactions ranged from humorous to frightening -- as there is really nothing that could have prepared draft watchers for what they would be seeing when ESPN turned their cameras on in the Vrabel household. 

Check this out:

The man who looks like Joe Exotic wearing a Pro Bowl jersey was sporting an impressive mullet -- and scared viewers to death with his awkward stare. To the right of Vrabel, you probably at first thought the person who was sporting the colorful getup was just a child in pajamas, but no, it's actually a man who was wearing a "Frozone" outfit. Why they planned on the outfits and why whey wanted to rattle the rest of the NFL world remains to be seen -- but I would certainly love to hear Vrabel try to explain what was going on in his house during the first round.

Not pictured for obvious reasons appears to be the reflection of a man in the bathroom doing his business. This has not been confirmed, but after seeing everything going on in this photo -- it's hard to rule anything out. Maybe we should be used to this kind of wild behavior from Vrabel. Before the 2019 season, he was asked if he would be willing let someone cut off his genitalia if it meant winning a Super Bowl, and his answer definitely surprised some people

It will be great to see if the Vrabel clan can up their game come the second round. I don't know about you, but I can't wait until the Titans' next selection.