Just when you think you get a read on the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback situation, another possibility arises. First, the team was expected to retain former MVP candidate Carson Wentz after hiring Frank Reich understudy Nick Sirianni. Then it appeared squarely in the mix for a top rookie QB after dealing Wentz to the Colts. Then it seemed to commit to Jalen Hurts for this season (and perhaps beyond) after trading back from No. 6 to No. 12 in the 2021 draft. With the first round drawing near, however, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports Philadelphia just might move back up in the event a top QB prospect falls within reach.

As Bleacher Report's Tim Daniels notes, Fowler appeared on "SportsCenter" Sunday and cited an anonymous NFL general manager in reporting that the Eagles are expected to at least field calls for a move up or down in the first round of the draft. That's no surprise, considering Roseman's penchant for deal-making, but then came links to the QBs: "If Trey Lance slides, if Justin Fields slides and the Eagles have a high grade on them, they could make that move," Fowler said. "People I've talked to think the Eagles could go quarterback somewhere in this draft just to either get insurance for Jalen Hurts or competition for Jalen Hurts."

The Eagles tend to prefer investing in the trenches with high picks, Fowler noted, saying Philly could choose to "play it safe" with an offensive or defensive lineman at No. 12. The Eagles have also been widely connected to top wide receiver and cornerback prospects, who would be logical first-round targets. Investing an early pick in a QB, however, especially via a trade back up in the first, would signal yet another makeover of a position in transition.

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The Eagles' initial move back from No. 6 seemed to suggest the club was all in on giving Hurts, a second-round pick last year, a legitimate chance to succeed Wentz. It's possible Philly simply expected all of its favorite 2021 QB prospects to be off the board by the time they picked sixth, hence the notion that it would only trade back up if a QB slides. Coupled with other reports about serious interest in veterans like Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, however, the latest on their QB front indicates it's more likely than not the Eagles will explore, if not add to, the position at some point in the draft.