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It's not often that you see a starting quarterback in the NFL go on national television and push for his team to take a certain player in the draft, but that's exactly what Justin Herbert did during a recent appearance on NFL Network.  

So what does Herbert want to see his team do? 

If the Chargers have one big need heading into the draft, it's definitely at left tackle and to fill that gaping hole, Herbert would like to see his team somehow land Penei Sewell. 

"I'm doing my best [of lobbying for Sewell]. He's an incredible player," Herbert told NFL Network. "Whenever you get a tackle like that in the draft, he can change your program. Always a big fan and I'm an even bigger fan of the way he is off the field."

If the Chargers need any help with their scouting report on Sewell, all they need to do is talk to Herbert, who got to watch Sewell dominate in college for two seasons while the two were teammates at Oregon (2018-19). 

Unfortunately for Herbert, the one potential problem with landing Sewell is that there's a good chance he's not going to be available when the Chargers make their initial pick of the first round at 13th overall. Our draft experts here at all have Sewell going in the top 10, which means the Chargers will likely have to make a trade if they want to land Herbert's former teammate. 

Of course, if the Chargers have proven one thing over the past few years, it's that they're not afraid of making a first-round trade. In 2015, the Chargers moved up two spots -- from 17th to 15th -- in a trade that allowed them to draft Melvin Gordon. Last year, they pulled off an even bigger trade that allowed them to move back into the first round. After drafting Herbert at No. 6, the Chargers also got the 23rd-overall pick after making a deal with the Patriots

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If the Chargers end up making a trade, it won't be surprising at all if they take Sewell and that's because the team hasn't really been trying to hide the fact that left tackle is a major need. 

"Yeah, there certainly [is] a hole there right now [at left tackle]," new coach Brandon Staley said earlier this month. "We feel like we have some tackle prospects on the roster that can certainly play there. But it's gonna be certainly a position that we need to address you know, before July. As you know, there's a lot different ways to address it within the draft, free agency, trade. So there's a lot of different ways that you can do that. Definitely that's gonna be a piece that we need to fill before July and we're excited to do it. But we really like the way we've started in free agency with the interior of our line."

If the Chargers don't end up with Sewell, there's a good chance they could end up with one of the other top tackles in the draft. Rashawn Slater out of Northwestern and Christian Darrisaw out of Virginia Tech could both end up in Los Angeles if they drop to the 13th spot. Two of our four draft experts are actually predicting that the Chargers will end up taking Darrisaw and you can check out those predictions by clicking here