Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is using his experience in the NFL to give advice to the next generation of quarterbacks. Sitting down on "Tiki and Tierney" on CBS Sports Radio, the former New York Jets quarterback had advice for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence if the Jets take him No. 1 overall.

Tebow asked Lawrence to really do his homework when it comes to the currently winless team.

"I would really encourage Trevor to find out: how are they going to use you? How are they going to support you?" the former first-round pick said. "If I was him, I would genuinely try to evaluate everything and look at it with open eyes. Because he's so good and so talented, he will have leverage."

Tebow said the biggest thing to focus on is who he has around him to help make him successful.

"I think he's got to do a lot of evaluation. What are the Jets' plans, how are they going to surround him. I really am a huge believer that in college, but even moreso in the NFL, your success is so much predicated on the system and what's around you," Tebow said. "When these QBs are in the right system that fits who they are and how they play, then guys do good."

The Jets are currently 0-7, owners of the worst record in the NFL and set to face the Chiefs in Kansas City as a massive underdog. It is looking like they will likely have the No. 1 pick, and if Lawrence maintains his plans to declare for the draft, he will be headed to the Jets, who don't exactly have the best game plan as of now.

Tebow recognizes that a player with lots of talent can be stunted by a struggling team.

"When [quarterbacks] go into places where there's turmoil and chaos and they don't have players around them, they're not as good," Tebow said.

In order to have a season less miserable than the Jets' current one, Tebow believes Lawrence has to have a lot of asks from the team.