347-pound Vita Vea wants John Ross to know the 40-yard dash record's going down

Last year at the NFL combine, eventual Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross ran the 40-yard dash in 4.22 seconds. In doing so, he set the all-time combine record for the fastest 40-yard dash, besting running back Chris Johnson's time by 0.02 seconds.

Watch Ross right here: 

Unfortunately for Ross, he was wearing Nike cleats during his dash, so he did not win the free island that adidas was offering up for any prospect that broke the combine record while wearing adidas cleats. 

A year later, another Washington prospect has his eye on the prize. Something tells me that this guy has a harder road ahead of him. 

In case you're wondering, this is Vita Vea:

Vea is looking to break some records. USATSI

Yes, that is a 347-pound defensive tackle prospect talking smack about a record that has never been held by anyone other than a skill position player. Vea is known for his quickness off the line of scrimmage, but he'd have to be pretty much superhuman to beat out Ross's time. Good luck to him. 

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