49ers continue to beat up Robert Griffin III

The 49ers have been pounding the Redskins offense for pretty much all of the Monday night game, and they're also having their way with quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin got hit hard early by 49ers safety Donte Whitner on a sideline run and he fumbled the ball after getting blasted by defensive lineman Justin Smith.

Oh, and this happened.

Griffin jumped up and down for a few seconds following the kick, and while the officials reviewed a Redskins catch, Griffin tried to laugh off the rochambeau.

But he was probably in pain and not extremely happy about taking a kick to the nads from Aldon Smith.

Alas, it's been that kind of testicle-shrinking night for Griffin and the Redskins.

This one also probably hurt, courtesy of Smith.

All in all, not a very fun season thus far.

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