49ers fans raise $10K for billboard in Seattle mocking Seahawks

Everyone knows the 49ers and Seahawks dislike one another. But the vitriol is significantly more palatable between the respective fanbases than it is between the teams. Which is why it's no surprise the 49ers faithful raised several thousand dollars to erect billboards mocking the Seahawks fans in Seattle.

A Colin Kaepernick-jersey wearing fan took to GoFundMe.com and promised to put up the above picture on a billboard in Seattle if 49ers fans could donate $7,000. They did that, and more.

The campaign has now raised nearly $10,000, with the remainder of the money apparently going 100 percent to charity.

FAITHFUL, We have surpassed our "minimum" goal...


We have surpassed our "minimum" goal of 7k!!! Thank all of you so much for your generosity and showing the world what team has the best fans!!

Please note that from this point on, 100% of all further contributions will go straight to charity! So please continue to donate!

Thanks again for this unprecedented support!

Nothing shocks in this rivalry.

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