49ers GM joked about Seahawks INT in Super Bowl loss during Richard Sherman negotiations

The Legion of Boom is dead as we know it and to add insult to injury for Seattle, the arch-rival 49ers leapt headfirst into free agency and signed the face of that former dynastic defense, cornerback Richard Sherman. 

Making things even more painful, 49ers GM John Lynch trolled the Seahawks for their painful Super Bowl XLIX loss to the Patriots, a game that featured the Seahawks losing because they decided to throw from the one-yard line instead of running Marshawn Lynch. Malcolm Butler leapt in front of a Russell Wilson pass and the rest is history.

The world has not been kind about letting the Seahawks forget it, and that apparently includes Lynch, who went through the following exchange during negotiations with Sherman, according to Peter King of TheMMQB.com:

"We're on the 1-yard line here!" 49ers GM John Lynch said late Saturday afternoon to the free-agent corner he was recruiting, Richard Sherman. "We can do this! We can put this in the end zone!"

Sherman smiled. "I've been at the 1-yard line before," he said, "and it didn't go so well."

Lynch said: "I promise you, we won't throw it this time."

Incredible. It's not a full-blown troll job, per se, because it's not like Lynch was on the other side of the ball and it's not like he was even with the 49ers at the time. He was still a FOX broadcaster. But he is obviously having some fun with Sherman at the Seahawks' expense. 

By all accounts, Sherman took that loss harder than most people on the Seattle roster. Everyone was upset about losing an opportunity to win back-to-back Super Bowls, obviously, but reports later circulated about a riff between Sherman and Wilson as a result of the play call. It would later appear Sherman and coach Pete Carroll were at odds too. The Seahawks shopped Sherman around last offseason.

Clearly things were not perfect in Seattle anyway.

Sherman was released by the Seahawks because he was a 30-year-old cornerback coming off an Achilles injury set to have a huge hold on Seattle's salary cap. It was a necessary move, although there was a strong belief he might return to Seattle after exploring free agency.

Instead, he took one visit to San Francisco and, serving as his own agent, decided to ink an interesting deal with the 49ers. It won't pay Sherman a ton of money, and could even be classified as "team friendly," but if he performs at a high level, it will end up giving him a ton of incentives.

You better believe Sherman is going to be extremely incentivized for at least two of the games on the 49ers schedule.

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