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Mohamed Sanu is with his third team in as many years after a failed stretch with the New England Patriots. The 31-year-old was as victim of roster cutdowns just ahead of the regular season, which is a far cry from when Robert Kraft gave the green light to cough up a 2020 second-round pick to get him away from the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were in dire need of talented receiving weapons last season for Tom Brady, but the risks they took to achieve that mission didn't pay off -- with Antonio Brown being released after only one game and Sanu logging only 207 receiving yards and one touchdown for the club in six starts. 

He'll now get another chance to rebuild his brand by way of the San Francisco 49ers, who signed him to a one-year deal to reunite him with former Falcons offensive coordinator and current Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan. The familiarity with Shanahan and his system should help Sanu regain his footing in the league, but many thought Bill Belichick could and that the second-round pick was an indication of bright things to come in New England. 

It was not to be, however, and Sanu recently explained why. 

"I felt like it just wasn't a good fit," he said, via The Sacramento Bee. "Things happened the way they happened, and I'm not really looking to the past. I'm grateful for my time in New England. It taught me a lot, just didn't jell out how I wanted it to."

Sanu simply feels more comfortable with the Niners, it appears. 

"I'm just focused on what I got ahead in San Fran," he said. "I'm excited just to be a part of this team. This culture is more my style, so I'm excited for it."

That said, he's still looking for a chance to contribute in the Bay Area, having played in just 13 snaps in the team's Week 2 victory over the New York Jets -- targeted zero times in the process. This isn't the first time the 49ers have made a play for Sanu, only this time it didn't cost them assets in a trade. The club attempted to undercut the Patriots and land Sanu in a trade from the Falcons in 2019, via multiple reports, but the Patriots ended all discussions by plunking down a second-round pick. Having finally made his way back to Shanahan by way of a short stay in Boston, he's hoping for better days on the field.

That might begin as early as Week 3 when they take on the New York Giants.