49ers reportedly ask fans 'how important is it that your team wins?' in questionnaire

The San Francisco 49ers are not a good football team (0-7) that plays in a new stadium (in a city that isn't San Francisco) that fans do not seem to enjoy. So, it's really not that surprising then to learn that they reached out to fans with a questionnaire to get some feedback. What is surprising is that they thought asking fans, "In terms of game day experience, how important is it that your team wins?" was a good idea. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle's Ann Killion, the 49ers actually did that. Seriously!

Apparently this wasn't even the first time they've done this.

It gets better.

This isn't even that surprising, because this is the 49ers we're talking about. This is the franchise that ran Jim Harbaugh out of town, hired Jim Tomsula to replace him, fired Chip Kelly after making him coach a team that had no chance of winning, and is now 0-7 under new coach Kyle Shanahan. They've had some trouble filling their new stadium, which has a heat problem. And so, it's not like the winless 49ers can at least offer their fans an incredible game-day experience. They can only offer their fans an hourlong drive (at the very minimum) from San Francisco to watch their winless team play football in a overheated setting. For all the crap we like to give the Browns for their issues, the 49ers aren't that far behind them.

But I do have some good news for the 49ers fans willing to make the trek to Levi's Stadium:

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