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Forty-Niners linebacker Reuben Foster is no longer facing a second-degree marijuana charge in Alabama after the case was dismissed on Friday. 

The Tuscaloosa County District Attorney told that Foster's case was dropped because the linebacker completed "a diversion program that included education sessions and periodic drug testing." The case had been hanging over Foster's head since January 12 when Alabama police charged him with misdemeanor possession of pot. 

The decision to dismiss the charge marks the second time this week that Foster has successfully put a legal issue behind him. On Wednesday, a judge in Santa Clara County decided to drop two felony charges against Foster that stemmed from an incident in February that involved his ex-girlfriend.  

In that case, Foster was hit with one charge of domestic violence and one charge of forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime. However, Foster's ex-girlfriend later recanted her accusations in court, which led Judge Nona L. Klippen to throw out the case. 

Shortly after the judge announced her decision, the 49ers announced that Foster would be allowed to return to practice. The team had decided to keep Foster out of OTAs until the case came to a resolution.  

"The organization is aware the domestic violence charges against Reuben Foster were dismissed," general manager John Lynch said in a statement. "As a result, he will have the opportunity to rejoin the team. It has been made clear to Reuben that his place on this team is one that must continue to be earned. We will continue to monitor the remaining misdemeanor charge."

As Lynch mentioned, Foster's still not completely out of the woods yet, because he still has one charge to deal with. The 49ers linebacker is still facing one charge of possessing an assault weapon from the February incident. Foster has already received some good news in that case as the judge knocked the charge down from a felony to a misdemeanor. The next court date for the weapons charge is June 6. 

Although he's been able to put most of his legal issues behind him, Foster still might have to deal with the NFL. Due to both the marijuana case and the weapons charge, it's still possible that Foster could face some sort of punishment from the league.