49ers' Tarell Brown hires new agent after old agent costs him $2 million

Tarell Brown didn't get his $2 million yet, but he does have a new agent. (USATSI)
Tarell Brown didn't get his $2 million yet, but he does have a new agent. (USATSI)

San Francisco cornerback Tarell Brown has had an interesting offseason. Actually, interesting probably isn't the right word, humiliating might be better.

Brown lost out on $2 million after his agent, Brian Overstreet, failed to let him know about an offseason workout clause in his contract. All Brown had to do to earn the money was workout with the 49ers in California. Brown spent his offseason working out in Texas. 

To make matters worse, Brown didn't find out about the $2 million snafu from his agent, he found out on Twitter

Brown understandably parted ways with Overstreet last week and finally hired a new agent -- Joel Segal -- on Wednesday, according to the Sports Business Journal

Presumably, Brown's hiring process included at least these two questions:

  1. Do you know how to agent?

  2. Will you let me know at least one month beforehand about any $2 million offseason workout clauses in my contract?

Overstreet didn't do that all-important second thing and that's why Brown fired him. 

"No one wants to leave money on the table," Brown said last week. "If I would have known the clauses in my contract and that's what agents get paid to do -- to orchestrate the contract and let you know what you can and can't do as far as workouts and OTAs and things of that sort. That's what he got paid to do, he didn't do that, so in my opinion he had to be let go."

Brown's going into a contract year, so Segal's potentially hit the jackpot with his new client. That is, as long as he keeps Brown up-to-date on all the clauses in his current contract. 

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