49ers to start C.J. Beathard again in Week 12, further delaying Jimmy Garoppolo era

The one-month anniversary of the 49ers' trade for Jimmy Garoppolo is rapidly approaching, but the highly-hyped quarterback's role has yet to change. He used to be Tom Brady's backup. Now, he's C.J. Beathard's backup. And he won't be getting a promotion this week.

On Wednesday, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan revealed that Beathard -- not Garoppolo -- will start against the Seahawks on Sunday. So no, Shanahan's wife still probably isn't happy with him.

In the video above, you can watch Shanahan explain his decision. Basically, it comes down to Garoppolo not knowing enough of the offense yet. Sorta alarmingly, Shanahan also said that he doesn't think Garoppolo will be at his best until next season, which adds some fuel to the belief that the 49ers could opt to sit him the remainder of the season. Shanahan added that Beathard played his best football in the team's win over the Giants in Week 10, which also factored into the decision.

Still, it's surprising to see the 49ers delay the Garoppolo era. It's been almost a month now and the 49ers are coming off their bye week, which seemed to be the perfect time to transition to a new quarterback. And really, who cares if Beathard played his best game of the season in a win over the hapless Giants? His best-case outcome with the team is becoming a reliable backup. Garoppolo is supposed to elevate the franchise to new heights. And it's not like the 1-9 49ers have anything to play for in the short term.

Maybe the 49ers don't want Garoppolo's first start to come against the vaunted Seahawks' defense, but it's worth noting that the Seahawks are missing three of their most important defensive players in Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Cliff Avril. Maybe the 49ers will start him against the Bears in Week 13 in what should be an easier matchup. Maybe they'll wait another week to start him against the bumbling Texans. Who knows?

All I know is that the 49ers are one of the more unwatchable teams right now, but they'd instantly become watchable if they inserted Garoppolo into the lineup.

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