A Packers player on Odell Beckham's off day: 'Maybe the stage is too big for him'

There's no doubt that Odell Beckham Jr. is a splashy player. He basically announced his presence to the world with a Inspector Gadget-esque catch during his rookie season. He has big games in big moments, but he sure didn't have a big game against the Packers on Sunday afternoon in a 38-13 loss at Lambeau Field.

Many are pinning the struggles on a trip to Miami by Beckham and other Giants wideouts -- even the stats back it up -- but Packers defensive lineman Datone Jones had a different theory.

He said, via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, that maybe the "stage is too big" for Beckham to deal with the pressure.

"Maybe the stage is too big for him," Jones said. "You can't drop passes in the end zone. You get no re-do's in this league. You work all year for this stage and you kind of have to be perfect. Odell Beckham dropped a few big passes for his team."

Now, if only there was a way to tell whether Beckham can show up in the playoffs. Hmm. Well let's look at his career record in the postseason:

Targets Receptions Yards TD Catch %
11 4 28 0 36.4


We kid, we kid. Beckham has just one game in the postseason in his three-year career and it was on Sunday afternoon. He didn't play well and he definitely dropped a touchdown. But Eli Manning wasn't doing him any favors, either.

But a bigger piece of evidence against Beckham knowing how to show up on the big stage would be his behavior after the game.

Beckham reportedly dropped an f-bomb at a groundskeeper working at Lambeau Field because the member of the worker told him to relax after he punched a hole in the wall.

That sort of behavior is the kind of thing an unhinged human being does, not a receiver who understands the important nature of the game his team just lost.

It's totally possible that the Packers are just the better team and Beckham and Manning had an off day, however, rather than Beckham being someone who shrinks from the big stage.

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