By now, most everyone has seen the newest NFL star to hit the field, the black cat that somehow managed to get on to the field at MetLife Stadium and halt action during the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants 'Monday Night Football' matchup. The cat wound up being a sign of bad luck for the Giants, who lost 37-18, after the Cowboys ran away with the game in a 21-point fourth quarter.

If you have not seen him yet, here is the football star. 

The cat instantly became an internet sensation. People took to Twitter to crack jokes, give the cat stat lines and put the cat on covers of football video games.

Now people have decided to photoshop the viral feline into all kinds of different situations.

The best rivalry in all of sports: Dogs vs. Cats.

NASA cat is heading up to space in 3, 2, 1 ... blastoff. 

MetLife Cat can play the other kind of football too. 

The cat is a multi-sport athlete it seems.

He's gonna runnnnnn, 'til he can't no more. 

The cat likely will not be making any more in-game appearances, but the legend seems to just be getting started in the football social media world.