Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew's future with the team is unclear following a disappointing 2020 season. While there is much to evaluate regarding his decrease in production following a strong start to his career and which teams he would serve best, we aren't here to evaluate his on-field work today.

Right now we have more important things to discuss: His new mullet.

Minshew is known for his interesting fashion choices and his signature mustache, but he debuted a new look on social media this week. The QB showed off his mullet, which he traded in for the now evolved mustache, calling the hairstyle the "Mississippi Mudflap," honoring the state he is from:

Minshew is always bold with his looks, and this mullet is no exception. In honor of his new look, here is a look back at some of his other best outfits.

A real fashion icon stepping off the plane.

That time he brought back jorts.

Even without summer weather, the jorts and aviators are a staple for Minshew.

The Uncle Rico look was one of the best.

Many future NFL players get dressed up for the draft, or for when they expect to get the call from a team, but in true Minshew Mania fashion, he was outside in jeans without a shirt.

If there is one thing Minshew will always deliver on, it's giving us interesting looks.