The Patriots aren't stopping at two Belichicks. They want another.

According to the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe, the Patriots are expected to add a third Belichick to their coaching staff. They already have Bill Belichick -- arguably the greatest coach of all time -- as their head coach and his son, Steve, as their safeties coach. Now, Belichick's youngest son, Brian, is expected to be moved from the scouting department to the coaching staff as an assistant.

Brian, who joined the scouting department last year, played lacrosse at Trinity College. His father, still a huge fan of the game, also played lacrosse in college. So did Steve. The Belichick family definitely likes lacrosse (Belichick's daughter, Amanda, is the women's lacrosse coach at Holy Cross).

Brian also has something else in common with Steve (besides their last name). Before Steve became the safeties coach in 2016, he spent four years as a coaching assistant. So, Brian just has four more years to go until he earns a promotion.

In the meantime, let's all look forward to the NFL a decade from now, when the Bill Belichick-coached, Jimmy Garoppolo-quarterbacked Patriots are heading to their 10th straight Super Bowl, where they'll face a Brian and Steve Belichick-coached, Jacoby Brissett-quarterbacked team.