Aaron Hernandez wasn't allowed to watch the Patriots beat the Colts

Hernandez could not watch the Indianapolis-New England game Saturday. (USATSI)
Hernandez could not watch the Indianapolis-New England game Saturday. (USATSI)

One year ago, former Patriots star tight end Aaron Hernandez was catching six passes for 85 yards in New England's playoff victory vs. the Texans. On Saturday while his former teammates were celebrating yet another trip to the AFC title game, Hernandez sat in jail, awaiting trial on murder charges and unable to watch the Patriots in action.

As the Boston Herald reports, while some prisoners in general population at the Bristol County jail were allowed to watch an hour of the Patriots' victory Sunday vs. the Colts, Hernandez wasn't one of them.

"No," Bristol County sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson told the Herald. "He's not allowed to watch any TV. ... It's jail. It's all about standards and sending a message."

Said Hodgson: "We only allow two hours a day of entertainment television. The rest of it has to be self-help tapes, self-help documentaries."

Hernandez has to stay inside his cell for 21 hours per day, and for an hour three times a day, he's allowed in a 12-by-8-foot pen in which he can do pushups and situps and try to stay in shape the best way he can. He's also separated from the other prisoners because of his celebrity status.

Though Hernandez has asked to be allowed to watch TV in the past, Hodgson has declined the request.

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