Jordan Rodgers, the brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, participated in the most recent season of The Bachelorette. On Monday night, it was revealed that he was the winner of the competition for JoJo Fletcher's heart. The couple is getting married, at a date still to be determined.

But of course, if you're on this site, you don't particularly care about that part of it. You care if Jordan was asked about his brother, also known as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, to whom he apparently does not speak and who threw some major shade at Jordan when asked about the show recently.

On the After the Final Rose where Jordan and JoJo answered questions about what it has been like dating in secret and how much they love each other and other weird reality TV stuff, host Chris Harrison asked Jordan one last time about his relationship with Aaron. Jordan's response:

"Anything with my family JoJo's been a part of my family and any conversations we've had about that moving forward are with us and about us and we're excited about starting that journey with our families and I'll be in Dallas closer to her family so we're ready for that."

That, of course, is a spectacular evasion in which he did not answer the question at all. So Harrison decided to ask JoJo if she had met the actual QB in the family yet. "No, it's the same situation it's been, but it's not the focus for us right now," JoJo said. "It's about us."

Chris Harrison seemed optimistic that, now that the couple can date in the open, fans of the show would change their opinion of Jordan Rodgers (my roommate tells me everyone thinks he was just on the show to get famous, which apparently didn't work since I was unaware he was on the show until we did a post about it like three weeks ago). We'll see if that works out, but it sure seems like the Rodgers family drama won't be ending any time soon.