Aaron Rodgers may not be preparing for the Super Bowl LV this week in Tampa, Florida, but he was still able to catch the internet's attention with his arm -- or, more specifically, what he held in his arm -- earlier this week. The Packers star quarterback was seen riding in the back of a pickup truck holding a case of beer near Lambeau Field.

The moment was caught in a video and posted onto TikTok, as most viral things are nowadays. For those interested in such things, it was a case of Bud Light the current MVP front-runner was holding. 

The quarterback added further details to the situation through Twitter where he revealed that it was indeed him in the back of the truck, and that the truck belonged to veteran left tackle David Bakhtiari.

An interesting detail that Hawk brings up in the above clip is about when this video likely took place. The road that the truck was driving down is one you take to get from the local practice fields to Lambeu Field itself, suggesting that Rodgers and those in the front of the truck were still in some sort of practice equipment when they snuck out to get some beers. 

Of course, this is just Hawk's theory, which Rodgers didn't specifically address. At the same time, the Packers quarterback recommended his followers to listen to his former linebacker teammate, so maybe he wasn't too off about his theory.