Watch Now: NFL And NFLPA To Meet Monday (2:42)

Aaron Rodgers is on the doorstep of his 16th season in the NFL and 13th as the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. In that long tenure under center, however, the two-time league MVP is likely going to experience a season unlike any other in the game's history in 2020. The current coronavirus pandemic is still making its presence felt in various areas of the country, which is more than a concerning turn of events as training camp is just a few weeks away.  

With that in mind, it's no surprise to hear Rodgers wonder aloud whether or not games will actually be played in 2020 when asked for his "top of mind" concern about the upcoming year.

"I think top of mind is are we gonna have a season?" Rodgers told the Gold Channel over the weekend while participating in the American Century Championship. "I think there's a lot of things yet to be figured out. We're hopeful, we're hopeful that it's with fans and we can get all the testing procedures down the way the want it for the utmost amount of safety. But I think we're kind of waiting for the league and the [NFL Players Association] to figure some things out."

The NFL and NFLPA are set to discuss a number of outstanding issues regarding safety protocols for training camp and compensation for the 2020 season in a meeting on Monday. The Players Association recently sent a counterproposal to the league that detailed an economic plan for how both sides can deal with the potential revenue loss from this season. The NFLPA also gave a number of recommendations to the league for how to operate safely amid the pandemic. 

Rodgers, who'll be 36-years old at the start of the regular season, is the Packers' representative for the NFLPA so it's safe to say that he will have a strong voice in these talks as everyone tries to get not he same page and come up with a detailed plan prior to camps opening up on July 28.