Aaron Rodgers kneel down on final play causes fantasy football chaos

Aaron Rodgers likes Packers fans, but doesn't care about your fantasy team. (USATSI)
Aaron Rodgers likes Packers fans but doesn't care about your fantasy team. (USATSI)

The Green Bay Packers don't care about your fantasy football team. You probably already knew that, but just in case it wasn't clear, it is after the Packers' 43-37 win over the Falcons on Monday night. 

The game ended kind of oddly, and that's where things get weird.

After the Packers ran a third-down play with under 45 seconds left -- and the Falcons out of timeouts -- it looked like Green Bay would be able to run out the clock.

As it turned out, though, there was a one second difference between the game clock and the play clock, so the Packers had to run one more play with one second remaining. 

That play turned out to be an innocent Aaron Rodgers kneel down that actually wasn't innocent at all because it ruined the dreams of fantasy football players across the country. 

Rodgers was credited with a 4-yard rushing loss on the play, which means he lost .4 points in most leagues.

Here's a roundup of people who are now eliminated from their fantasy football playoffs because of Rodgers' knee. These people probably went to bed on Monday wondering why the Packers COULDN'T JUST LET MATT FLYNN TAKE THE SNAP.

Let's start with this guy, who will probably be having nightmares of Rodgers' kneel down for months. 

The moral of the story for that guy though is: Don't play in a league that doesn't measure scoring out into tenths or hundreths of a point. 

Of course, even if your league does measure point totals out that far, Rodgers could have still cost you the game. 

Take this guy for instance. If Rodgers would have lost 1, 2 or 3 yards, this guy would have won. Instead, he lost by two one-hundreths of a point. That's rough. 

On the other hand, if you have to start a Titans player in the playoffs, you probably don't deserve to win. 

Finally, we'll end with this guy and his friend. The friend would have tied his opponent if Rodgers hadn't taken a knee. 

To be fair though, he should probably direct his complaint toward Rashad Jennings or Alfred Morris. 

Finally, if the marriage below ends in divorce, we can probably blame the Rodgers kneel down.

All these losses are making me sad, so let's end on a positive note. This guy won $45,000 because the Falcons covered the 12.5 point spread. I bet winning $45,000 is nice.  

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