Aaron Rodgers not happy about being confused for Aaron Hernandez

If you follow Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Twitter, you'll find that he's amused by a of lot things. He seems to like the movie Juwanna Man. He loves spoiling Game of Thrones. He even retweets Jose Canseco once in awhile. 

However, one thing that's not amusing to Rodgers is when he's confused for Aaron Hernandez. During a live segment on Wednesday, ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap referred to Aaron Hernandez as Aaron Rodgers. 

Rodgers' reaction: 

The tweet was notable because it was Rodgers' first tweet in five days. It doesn't seem like Rodgers saw Schaap's mistake happen live, though. The slipup happened around 4:15 p.m. ET and Rodgers didn't tweet about it until over five hours later. 

As soon as Rodgers did tweet about it, though, Schaap was quick to respond: 

Rodgers has been in a forgiving mood this offseason -- just ask Brett Favre -- so this will probably be water under the bridge in no time. And let's hope it is because Twitter is a better place when Rodgers is tweeting about Juwanna Man

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